6 Reasons to Visit Pamukkale


6 Reasons to Visit Pamukkale

Pamukkale is among the most significant natural treasures of Turkey. The region will offer an amazing natural wonder to its visitors. The different attractions in Pamukkale make it one of the highly visited areas in the country. The terraces are amazing and dazzling white. Some of the sites you can visit when you tour the region include:

1- Pamukkale Travertines

The cotton castle is one of the fantastic area to visit which has a cotton-white looking landscape. The cotton castle is made up of waterfalls, forests and also basins. The scene of the region is created by hard calcium deposits. The deposits give the area its snow white look form a distance. This creates calcite-laden waters from the hot springs. Mineral water contains a lot of health benefits. Visitors can pad their feet in the warm water. Other individuals could coat themselves from head to toe using this water.

2. Hierapolis Ancient City

Hierapolis is another fantastic site that you can visit in Turkey. Its an ancient city believed to be founded in the year 190BC. The town, Hierapolis is famous for its hot springs. Tourists would visit the city to take a dip in thermal pools. Locals believed that the water contains medical value which could be a solution to their health problems.       An earthquake destroyed the city in the 60AD, and it was rebuilt. In the year 1334, another earthquake occurred and the city is a ruin.

3- Paragliding in Pamukkale

Would you like to run off a mountain and float in the air? Pamukkale offers such unusual activities for you. Paragliding services will allow a tourist to float over Hierapolis and Pamukkale. You will also enjoy watching the paragliders as they float in the sky. You should be covered to ensure you are safe before trying paragliding in Pamukkale.

4- From Marmaris to Pamukkale

Marmaris is a world famous resorts town nearby Pamukkale. If you go to Pamukkale don’t miss the chance to visit Marmaris as well. Also there is a tour from Marmaris to Pamaukkale. You can take a road trip from Marmaris to Pamukkale where you will be able to enjoy the unique mountain covers. The best way to travel via this route is via a bus. It would be perfect to visit the region during summer. You will enjoy the beautiful green scenery at the first leg from Marmaris.       A tourist will enjoy the cotton castle which covers part of the mountainside. There are natural springs in the region. During the trip, you can bath in the springs. Remember to carry your camera during this trip to capture the scenes.

5- Cleopatra Pool

A tourist can visit Cleopatra’s pool which is an appropriate hangout when you need to cool off. The pool is ancient, and its mineral-rich water makes it be a tourist attraction site in Pamukkale.       The marble blocks found at the bottom of the pool make it enjoyable to crawl. The blocks are believed to have fallen in the pool during an earthquake. They were never removed from the lake, but people seemed to enjoy it.

6- Pamukkale Natural Park

During your visit to Pamukkale, you can take some time to visit the natural park. The park is located at the bottom of the travel lines. You’ll be able to see brides in the region due to frequent weddings. A lot of Turkish families also love spending their times in the park. It’s an ideal picnic spot where you may enjoy your ice cream or ride a boat across the lake.


Visiting Pamukkale during spring would be appropriate. The weather conditions may be very extreme during other seasons. It would limit you from enjoying your visit. Summer time in Turkey runs from May to September. Visit Pamukkale. You will see magnificent places.

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