8 Reasons to Buy a House in Turkey

As you may very well know, since you’re already on this website, it is favourable to buy a house in Turkey in many ways. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of 8 reasons to purchase property in Turkey:

1. If we compare the property prices in Europe and Turkey, then you’ll see that you can purchase a luxury villa or apartment for the money you spend in Europe for the purchase of a small apartment. This would be a great investment and may even bring you income.

2. Turkey has a wonderful climate. No wonder doctors advise people who have respiratory tract problems to live by the sea. The sun sun shines all year long along the Turkish Riviera. Therefore, such a mild climate is not only pleasant for you, but also rejuvenating.

3. Another very important advantage is the cost of living in the Republic of Turkey. Almost anything you will want to buy in your daily routine will cost several times cheaper.

4. In Turkey, you can find a house to buy for any budget. You will have a wide selection of choices for families, single people, young people, or elders with almost any budget.

5. Transport accessibility will also be a huge advantage for you. You can find convenient transportation options wherever you are, wherever you are going. Transport in Turkey is not only cheap but also reliable.

6. By purchasing a property in Turkey, you can obtain a residence permit. This interests many, and is one of the most popular reasons to buy a house in Turkey. So, if you buy a house or apartment in Turkey, you will get a residence permit without any problems.

7. Another great news is that there will be no tax imposed on inheritance. Most countries practice imposing heirs an estate tax. The Republic of Turkey does not. If you want to inherit the property to someone from their relatives, there will be no difficulties.

8. You can use the house you buy as a summer-house for your vacation, and then let it for the rest of the year for income. It’ll be a lucrative investment option for sure.

Turkey is a country rich in millennia of history. In every corner of Turkey, you will find and see amazing places. There are monuments and artifacts that have survived until our times from the time of the Roman and Ottoman empires. Each and every one of the cities in Turkey is beautiful in its own way, and waiting to be discovered by you.

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