Best Day Trips in Marmaris 2019

Best Day Trips in Marmaris 2019

Marmaris, Turkey is the crown jewel of the Mediterranean that you might have never heard of, but rivals any destination throughout the world with its beautiful, picturesque landscapes, world-class cuisine, and exciting day trips in Marmaris and across the Mediterranean easily available, Marmaris is the next place you should holiday.

Marmaris, the largest yacht port throughout the Mediterranean, has easy travel to many different location easily available. Day trips in Marmaris allow you to enjoy the beauty of the area from a central location easily.

Here are some of the many beautiful locations that you can enjoy while having day trips in Marmaris:

Day Trip from Marmaris to Ephesus

You leave Marmaris and travel comfortably the 190km to the ancient city of Ephesus. This ancient city still stand through the
centuries giving us a glimpse into the ancient history of the area. With over 200,000 visitors annually, Ephesus is an amazing, life changing experience. 

You have the day to explore the ruins and then are able to comfortably return to Marmaris. This day trip is a must for all history buffs and gladiator fans. This is living history and a sight to see!

Day Trip from Marmaris to Pamukkale

Pamukkale is an excursion that everyone can enjoy. From history buff who want to see the ruins of the ancient Greek/Roman spa city, Hierapolis to those that want to swim in the same mineral baths as the ancient ruins, there’s something for everyone at Pamukkale.

The ancient city of Hierapolis catered to the wealthy and it shows in the long-standing structures throughout the area. With many architectural items still standing, the influence of the ancient people is strong throughout this attraction.

More than 2 million people visit Pamukkale each year. Through a geological event travertine built up and white travertine is
resembles wavy shelves on the landscape. You even can walk up the natural “stairs” to the top where a mineral
bath once used by the ancients can be enjoyed. Due to erosion you must remain barefoot. A bag or backpack is recommended to carry your shoes and other valuables during that adventure.

Pamukkale is both a man-made and natural paradise that has universal appeal. We know the whole family will have a fun day
trip in Marmaris to Pamukkale.

Marmaris Ephesus Tour / Marmaris To Ephesus

  • An amazing visit to the ancient world
  • Breakfast & lunch included
  • Professional guide & Insurance & Free pickup and drop off

Marmaris Pamukkale Tour - Marmaris To Pamukkale

  • Visit one of the wonders of the world
  • Breakfast & lunch included
  • The tour lasts whole day
  • Free pickup and drop off & Fully Insured

Day Trip from Marmaris to Fethiye and Oludeniz

Fethiye is a beautiful city on the coast of Turkey built on the ruins of the ancient city of Telmessos. Telmessos is fabled to be named after the son of Apollo. Apollo cast eyes on the beautiful daughter of the king. To win her favor, and her heart, Apollo
transformed himself into a dog. The dog became the princess’ companion and he eventually revealed himself to her. They fell in love and she begot him a son. His name was Telmessos meaning “the land of lights.”

Fethive is now a historical city that has architecture and history from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. There is also a museum in Fethive full of ancient and modern relics. History is alive all around you while visiting Fethive.

In addition, Fethive is an ecotourism destination. Butterfly Valley, just outside of Fethiye is an ecological resere. This area is home to over 100 different species of butterfly from 15 different families showcasing the diversity and beauty of all shapes and sizes. Peak butterfly viewing occurs from June through September. You’ll never forget the beauty you’ll see.

For those that are looking to sunbathe on a beach next to aqua blue water, Oludeniz is your answer. With a pebble beach and lagoon nearby, every beach fantasy can easily come true. The lagoon provides beautiful back drops with crystal turquoise waters beckoning you to enjoy.

With both Fethive and Oludeniz in a day trip you can have your cake and eat it too! You get history, butterflies, and the
beach! A day trip in Marmaris to Fethive and Oludeniz is a great all-around choice to see the beauty and wildlife the
Aegean coast has to offer! Also you can do paragliding in Fethiye. Don’t miss it. 

Marmaris Rhodes Ferry / From Marmaris To Rhodes

  • Explore historical Rhodes
  • Island tour throughout the day
  • Child-friendly tour
  • Insurance

Day trips from Marmaris to Rhodes by Ferry

For those that have always wanted to go to Greece, you can easily accomplish that as a day trip in Marmaris to Rhodes.

Rhodes, one of the islands off the mainland of Greece, is a historic town and one of the most popular tourist attraction in Greece. Rhodes is a cultural melting pot of conquerors that never left with large populations of Christians, Muslims, and Jews living peacefully together.

The diversity of Rhodes and ancient historical touches make for an exciting journey through the city.

Rhodes was once home to one of the 8 wonders of the Ancient world, the Collosus of Rhodes. Eventually falling due to a major earthquake, the Collosus was as tall as the Statue of Liberty and build erected in 280 B.C., it stood more than 400 years before crumbling.

Rhodes is a beautiful city with rich culture, delicious food, and tangible history. You won’t regret experiencing this Grecian
paradise first hang!

Day Trips from Marmaris to Dalyan

Dalyan is the agricultural area of the region and grows pomegranates and citrus. Dalyan is a historical city that dates back before the ancient Greeks. The pre-Greek inhabitants carved intricately designed tombs in the mountainside that still stand today. These amazing chiseled tombs are beautiful and impactful. Knowing that you are standing at the same place that people were before ancient Greece is special and a one of a kind opportunity.

In addition to the tombs, Dalyan is known for its share of controversy. In 1987 a developer wanted to build a resort on the same beach the Loggerhead Sea Turtle spawns. Through advocacy the resort was suspended and now there are turtle spawning times where no one is permitted on the beach. Though these choices, Turkey is trying their best to protect endangered species.

Dalyan is perfect for a family or a couple. With turtles for the kids and architecture and intricately cut toms for the adults, there’s something for all ages.

Boat Day Trips in Marmaris

We now offer local boat trips to explore our beautiful area by sea. With many different budgets, and interests, we can custom build your boat day trip in Marmaris to ensure that you experience everything you wish to.

Day Trips in Marmaris throughout the area allow you to experience the beauty of the area from a central, conveinient location. Small, guided trips allow you to travel with confidence. With many items for all ages and interests, you can easily find the best day trips in Marmaris.

Contact us today to learn more about the best day trips in Marmaris!

Marmaris Dalyan Tour - Turtle Beach

  • Admire the view of Lycian tombs
  • Enjoy the mud bath or visit sulfur springs
  • Explore the Turtle Beach
  • Lunch on the boat
  • Guide & Insurance & Free pickup and drop off

All Inclusive Marmaris Boat Trip

  • Visit several Islands & Bays
  • Unlimited alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks
  • Lunch included
  • Guide & Insurance & Free pick-up and drop off

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