Best Marmaris Activities


Best Marmaris Activities

Situated in the Turkish province of Mugla, Marmaris is a lovely coastal city in the country and has become a favorite for many tourists from many parts of the world. The number of travelers on a trip to this part of Turkey has increased to more than 400,000. Located along the Turkish Riviera coast, it is a decent place for those who wish to enjoy sailing and diving. Most of the visitors have been attracted by the wonderful features of this city, including the old sites and the long coastline.

Among the great attractions to visit during cheap holidays to Marmaris are its charming beaches, which have just the kind of favorable environment for relaxation after some hectic sightseeing schedules. Long Beach is one of these places to explore as it positioned close to the urban beach of Marmaris, it offers opportunities to relax in the warm sunshine and you can enjoy swimming in the waters that touch its soft sand. Here we will convey you best Marmaris activities.

Classic Marmaris Boat Trip

Marmaris Boat Trip is definitely one of the most popular daily excursions in Marmaris. Explore the closely located islands, caves and coves! Enjoy the grasp of nature with the touch of the sun on your skin and the sea breeze on your face! Take a swim, sunbathe and ultimately relax!

As you drift along the coast of Marmaris, with the wind blowing full into the sails of the boat, you will forget about any troubles that you may have, and fully feel at peace with yourself. During the trip you will have countless opportunities to explore the surrounding area full of surprises such as caves, coves, islands and secluded beaches.

Marmaris Davy Jones Pirate Boat Trip

  • Thematic boat experience!
  • Suitable for eveyone
  • Unlimited drinks
  • A tasty lunch
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Boat Trip (All-Inclusive)

  • Amazing swimming stops
  • Unlimited drinks
  • A tasty lunch
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Water Sports

All dive centres have well organized Marmaris excursions and underwater tours in addition to lessons for beginners.   In this city, you can enjoy water skiing and many other water sports in Marmaris during your holiday. This special area of the city has some wonderful beaches with excellent facilities provided by local water sports tour operators. You can go on fishing tours with a small boat rented from them.

Marmaris Parasailing

  • Observe Marmaris from the sky!
  • Full insurance
  • Unforgettable experience
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Jet-Ski

  • An exciting experience on the waters!
  • Full insurance
  • 10+ minutes duration
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Sedir Island Tour (Cleopatra Beach)

A daily trip to Cleopatra Island will be another great activity to enjoy while on holiday in this part of the world. It will allow you to see the stunning natural beauty of the countryside. You can also discover some beautiful villages during your trip to this region.

Dalyan Tour (Turtle Beach) From Marmaris

Full day Marmaris Dalyan boat trip to a coastal village called Dalyan will allow you to enjoy swimming in the clear waters of the Adak peninsula. You can also stop at the world famous Iztuzu Beach and relax under the warm sun on its powdered sand.

Marmaris Sedir Island (Cleopatra Beach) Tour

  • Amazing swimming stops
  • Professional guidance
  • A tasty lunch
  • Breathtaking landscapes
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Dalyan Tour - Turtle Beach

  • Chance to observe the ancient rock tombs
  • Boat trip on Iztuzu River
  • A tasty lunch
  • Free hotel transfer service

Jeep Safari in Marmaris

While enjoying your holiday in this Turkish city, you will also be given a chance of enjoying horseback riding.      These Marmaris daily tours will take you through the pine forests and the mountain river, enabling you to taste some charming views along the way. You can get an adventure trip through the rugged trails of the mountain with the aid of an off-road jeep tour.

Marmaris Jeep Safari - 4x4 Off-Road

  • An amazing off-road adventure
  • Lovely natural sceneries
  • A tasty lunch
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Quad-Buggy Safari

  • Very thrilling adventure on a special track
  • No previous experience is required
  • Muds, water and fun!
  • Free hotel transfer service

From Marmaris To Pamukkale

The cotton Castle in Pamukkale is a wonderful and unique site for visitors on a trip. Its natural spring water rich in calcium cascade down the hill and react with atmospheric carbon dioxide turning into chalk. This water is very good for many skin diseases, allergies, blood pressure, etc. Also you will have the opportunity to see Hierapolis Ancient City in Pamukkale.

2 Days Marmaris To Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the best places in Turkey and even in the world. To be honest it is a place where everyone should visit. You will have a chance to see beautiful caves and cultural richness. If you come  to Marmaris for a long period, you definetely should visit Cappadocia. Marmaris Cappadocia tour is organized one day a week and takes 2 days and 1 nights.

From Marmaris To Fethiye

Actually Fethiye is not in Marmaris but it is really close to Marmaris. People who come to Marmaris, might go to Fethiye and can visit both Fethiye and nearby points. Also they might have chance to do paragliding in Fethiye Babadag. Fethiye is the most suitable place to do paragliding in Turkey. In fact, there are many international certificates on this issue. Just consider this option.

Marmaris Ephesus Tour / Marmaris To Ephesus

  • Explore the ancient texture of Romans and Byzantines!
  • Professional guidance & related information
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Pamukkale Tour - Marmaris To Pamukkale

  • Visit one of the wonders of the world
  • Breakfast & lunch included
  • The tour lasts whole day
  • Free pickup and drop off & Fully Insured

From Marmaris to Cappadocia

  • Visit breathtaking places in Cappadocia
  • Accommodation
  • Red Tour & Green Tour in 1
  • Free hotel transfer service

Marmaris Dolphin Park

You can also see the attractive dolphins at work by paying a visit to Marmaris Dolphin Park. The times spent in Dolphin Park can give you an opportunity to swim freely with these wonderful aquatic creatures.

Marmaris has many well-known resorts, bars and hotels. It is prominent for its pleasant nightlife in bars and many clubs along the coast. For evenings, comfortable bars and restaurants which have several delicious dishes from all over the world are available. There are plenty of night beach parties to join and enjoy. As you see there are many Marmaris activities. Come and enjoy.

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