Best Marmaris Beaches


Best Marmaris Beaches

The Geographical Whereabouts Marmaris is one of the several cities of Turkey, situated in its southwestern part, in the province of Mugla. The city is uniquely poised on the world’s largest natural harbor, and encircled by pine-habited hills. The town is situated at the junction of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas on its two sides. Marmaris: The Geographical and Climatic Global Importance Laden with lush green forested mountainous terrain and glistening blue waters while featuring bright and sunny Mediterranean type climatic conditions, Marmaris is naturally gifted with some of the best world class beaches that have accorded it a very special position among the global community. The antique residential construction within the city has earned national preservation decree while the vintage architecture imparts a delightful experience to all visitors alike, making it one of the most favorite and preferred holiday resorts worldwide.

Marmaris: What It Holds For The Visitors The gradual growth of the tourism industry within the coastal city resulted in disallowing further residential construction along the coastline to ease out the planning approval to tourist hotels and guesthouses. Owing to its spectacular coastal areas, Marmaris is a perennial attraction spot for tourists and foreigners, many of whom own yachts in the developed 700-berth dockage. The prime tourist season is the summer where in the population balloons by nearly 5 times, all catered to by the available space in resorts, hotels, and lodging houses. Marmaris City: Home To Impressive And Outstanding Beaches The city of Marmaris is dotted around by some of the best and most fabulous of beaches the world over. Let’s cite a few of them here:

The Uzunyali Beach (Long Beach)

Credited with being the most popular beach of Marmaris, the beauty of the Long Beach is inexplicable with the presence of transparent waters, aureate sands and a spot-on scenic view. It stands out as a superb choice for extreme water sports such as windsurfing, Jet Skiing, wakeboarding, and parasailing. The shoreline is lined with awesome restaurants, snack bars, and nightclubs.

The Icmeler Beach

The Icmeler Beach comes next in the lineup of seashore entertainment. Although it presents as no less lively with several lodging resorts, seafood eateries, and bars, it is quite serene with much less crowd thronging the area. Since the waters are crystal clear and peaceful, it is considered ideal for calmer in-water activities such as swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, and banana boat rides. The thickly forested area allows for participation in certain outdoor activities such as hiking, horse riding, and quad biking.

The Turunc Beach

The Turunc Beach enjoys an excellent location, surrounded by densely plantation-covered hilly and mountainous landscape. The beach offers lengths of cool, brilliant sand, tranquil waters meant for swimming and other assorted sportive adventures for the kids and adults alike.

The Cleopatra Beach

The Cleopatra Beach is actually an island which presents as a concealed water body, lying away and keeping itself privy. The sand here is pure white-shaded and soft as silk, made out of seashells ground naturally.

The Kiz Kumu Beach

The Kiz Kumu Beach features somewhat shallow waters so that visitors may actually stroll along its medial line. This beach is associated with a legendary fable of a lady in love who tried to reach her lover at the opposite shore with her sand-filled skirt. When she was faced with completely run-out sand, she was drowned. The atmosphere is quite peaceful where you can enjoy a relaxed respite, away from the crowd.

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