2020 Bodrum Airport Transfer From Milas – Bodrum Airport – 1-3 People Price: £ 35 (More Than 3 People Price: £ 40) The price can be applied with at least three tours/activities booking in Bodrum.

Only Transfer price one way is 40-45 gbp, round trip is 70-80 gbp

*You can pay as GBP, USD, EUR, TL based on the daily exchange rate.

Amenities: Mercedes Vito Mini Van, Free Wi-Fi, Insurance


The distance between Milas – Bodrum Airport and Bodrum city centre is only 30 minutes by private transfer. But the trip takes up to 1 hour by bus.

Easy Bodrum Airport Transfer Reservation

Bodrum Airport Transfers in 2020

The issue of Bodrum airport transfers gets the attention of the travelers who plan to spend their precious time in Bodrum, where is one of the most popular and brilliant holiday resorts of Turkey, especially in summertime. That is why, answers of the questions like “How to get to Bodrum from Bodrum airport?” and “Which option is more logical, practical, faster or less tiring?” become more and more important when the summer gets closer. In 2020, again, millions will fill Bodrum without a doubt, and considering this fact, let us give some important and useful information about your first step in Bodrum.

How to Get to Bodrum from Bodrum Airport?

You should know that there are 4 different ways to get to Bodrum from Bodrum Airport; and of course, you are free to choose one of them. Yet, if you do not want to regret later, you should know the details about your options. Therefore, there will be a comparison between your options to make you understand it clearly.

The first option is MUTTAS, a transportation network of Bodrum municipality; and it consists of busses that will bring you to the center of Bodrum by stopping at other locations in the rotation. The system costs 23 Turkish Liras, and the duration takes 50 minutes. It sounds good from now on, yet, there are some cons, too. For example, the timetable of MUTTAS depends on the landing time of the Bodrum planes; which means if your plane delays, the bus you plan to get in will have already departed; and then, you will have to wait for others to come. Also, in summer, there is an intense crowd which fills everywhere and you may not find a seat for you, and again, you may have to wait for the other vehicles: This simply means waste of time.

The second option is Havas shuttle bus, departing from Milas Bodrum Airport to Bodrum with other destinations. It is another cheap option; and that is exactly why, it is very crowded. And also, the duration of traveling in Havas lasts for hours according to complaints of many people who have preferred Havas. The distance between the airport and center of Bodrum is only 36 kilometers, yet, you have to wait for the completement of the whole rotation. Again, there will be waste of time, and also, a lot of tiredness.

As the third option, there are taxis that wait for taking you to Bodrum, or to more specific location if you pay more. In their websites they may give you approximately numbers of the price, yet, it may “change” when you reach your destination, depends on the way that the driver chooses or the traffic. Thus, it is an expensive system, and also, if the driver does not know speaking English, there will be a challenging time to communicate clearly.

Bodrum Airport Transfers is The Best Option

Bodrum airport transfers are the fourth and the last options. In these systems, a vehicle arrives before you land to Bodrum, and when you arrive, it picks you up and drives wherever you want in the boundaries of Bodrum. During this time, there will be no one but you (as an individual or your family, group etc.) and the driver; thus, there will be no waste of time while waiting for other people or destinations. Also, your belongings will be safe in the baggage, without the concern of getting crushed by other people’s luggage.

Benefits of Bodrum Transfer with our program

Among many options, we guarantee that we will provide you the best Bodrum transfer service. If you wonder why:

  • We use a qualified vehicle to fulfil your needs: During in our Bodrum transfer service, the ride does not let you suffer from tiredness or hot weather. The car we use is all comfortable and fully-equipped and it involves in wide, comfortable seats; an air condition and free Wi-Fi.
  • We can take you to your hotel in the right time: From Bodrum Airport to your hotel, we will go as fast as possible, of course by obeying the traffic rules. Considering your exhaustion, we will not let you waste your time on the roads.
  • We can communicate easily: There is no need to worry about the communication; if you need or want something, you can talk to our driver who can understand and speak English.
  • We care about you: We use cars that have been maintained regularly; and of course, you will have insurance.
  • We are experienced, and have the approval of our guests: In every field of life, experience is an important thing to get chosen by others; and we many references to our services in many fields of tourism, such as in Bordum airport transfers. By trusting us, you can join to the happy-faced guests of our services.

To conclude, we know your needs and along for 36 kilometers, we will take care of them. The ride of our Bodrum transfer will not be tiring, boring, everlasting, uncomfortable or expensive as it is in other options; and you will be transported by our professional and sincere drivers as fast as possible to your direct location: We understand your exhaustion that comes after the long-duration travels or flights, and how quick you want to lie down on your bed; and we will provide that. In our car, you and the ones that you love will be comfortable and you will even be able to rest for a while to prepare yourself for your amazing vacation in Bodrum which will be full of swimming, walking, shopping, tasting new dishes and enjoying the dynamic nights of if it. Because we provide free internet connection, you can search for your next stops in your Bodrum travel to make your dream holiday real. To be able to have this privilege, all you need to do is to book your dates online on our website. With a moderate price, you will have a nice beginning of your Bodrum journey. For further questions, you can contact us; or, if you want to add new items on your list of things to do in Bodrum, check our Bodrum excursions.