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Bodrum Excursions 2020 – Daily Excursions in Bodrum, Activities in Bodrum

All inclusive Bodrum Boat Trip

  • Amazing swimming stops
  • Unlimited drinks
  • A tasty lunch
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Rhodes Day Trip

  • No need to deal with the process
  • Free time in Rhodes
  • Insurance
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Ephesus Pamukkale Tour (2-Day)

  • Visit Ancient City of Ephesus
  • Visit Pamukkale
  • Professional guidance
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Pirate Boat Trip

  • Thematic boat experience!
  • Suitable for eveyone
  • Unlimited drinks
  • A tasty lunch
  • Free hotel transfer service

Dalyan (Turtle Beach) From Bodrum

  • Enjoy the mud bath or visit sulfur springs
  • Explore the Turtle Beach (Iztuzu)
  • All Entrance Fees Included
  • Lunch on the boat
  • Guide & Insurance & Free pickup and drop off

Bodrum Aquapark

  • Have Fun in a special water park!
  • Child-friendly activity
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Kos Island Tour

  • No need to deal with the process
  • Free time in Rhodes
  • Insurance
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Parasailing

  • Observe Bodrum from the sky!
  • Full insurance
  • Unforgettable experience
  • An adrenaine boost

Bodrum Pamukkale Tour, Bodrum to Pamukkale

  • Visit one of the wonders of the world
  • Lunch included
  • The tour lasts whole day
  • Free pickup and drop off & Fully Insured

Bodrum Ephesus Tour

  • Explore the ancient texture of Romans and Byzantines!
  • Professional guidance & related information
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Turgutreis Market Tour

  • Observe the local life in Bodrum
  • The best option for shopping lovers!
  • Learn how to bargain!
  • Free hotel transfer service

Scuba Diving in Bodrum

  • Learn to dive or sharpen your diving skills!
  • Full insurance
  • Perfect view under the water
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Turkish Night

  • Impressive traditional dances
  • Dance competitions for the guests!
  • Free dinner & local drinks
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Dolphin Show

  • Amazing show with lovely dolphins!
  • Captivating atmosphere
  • Full insurance
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Swimming with Dolphins

  • Unforgettable swimming experience with dolphins!
  • Peace, fun and warm feelings
  • Full insurance
  • Free hotel transfer service

Rafting in Bodrum

  • Breathtaking experience on the River!
  • Different levels
  • Full insurance
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Horse Safari

  • On-horseback adventure in the nature
  • Child-friendly
  • No need to be experienced
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Jeep Safari

  • An amazing off-road adventure
  • Lovely natural sceneries
  • A tasty lunch
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Party Boat Tour

  • Amazing swimming spots!
  • Foam Party on the deck!
  • A tasty lunch
  • From/to hotel transfer

Bodrum Quad & Buggy Bike

  • Very thrilling adventure on a special track
  • No previous experience is required
  • Muds, water and fun!
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Turkish Bath

  • A relaxing experience
  • Foam & oil massage
  • Sauna
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum Fishing Tour

  • Peaceful fishing session in Marmaris
  • Child-friendly activity
  • English-speaking crew & Instructions
  • Free hotel transfer service

Bodrum excursions are various and they can appeal to different travel tastes of travelers. Before finding out the perfect one or ones for you, let us provide some information about Bodrum and the best places to visit in Bodrum in order to be able to have an exclusive holiday, or to see why Bodrum is very popular all around the world.

Bodrum is a peninsula and a district of Mugla, which is a province of Turkey; and population of Bodrum is roughly 175.000. During summer, however, the number of people in Bodrum reaches to millions surprisingly. Even if it is a small town, it is filled with travelers from all around the world. In other words, Bodrum welcomes both foreign and local tourists; and its simple beauty takes an active role in it.

Speaking of beauty, we should mention that Bodrum is full of lovely attractions, and has a great scenery all around it: white houses over the hills; narrow, rock-paved streets; small and lovely boutiques, balconies with colorful flowers, sailboats that ornament the surface of Mediterranean Sea, golden shores and more. For years, it has been inspiring artists such as musicians, painters, writers, poets and photographers as you can easily guess; therefore, besides from benefitting from it as a holiday resort, you are also able to reveal the artist in you while you are wandering around in Bodrum.

Of course, Bodrum is capable of fulfilling your expectations as a tourist, too. Especially if you plan for a summer vacation in Bodrum, you should know that there are perfect swimming spots with crystal clear waters, shores with smooth sands, long beaches and wonderful bays that away from crowd and noise. Beaches of Bodrum peninsula such as Gumbet, Turkbuku, Bitez, Karaincir, Torba, Kadikalesi, Bodrum and Yahsi are only some of the options that you can consider if you want to enjoy the classics of summer. By using the public transportation system of Mugla, renting a car or taking a taxi, you can get to free or private beaches of Bodrum.

If you want to enjoy an exclusive holiday which combines the best places to swim in Bodrum and a vast variety of activities, you might be interested in participating in Bodrum excursions which are prepared delicately, such as an all-inclusive Bodrum boat trip. By joining in this specific excursion, you will be sailing to the wonderful corners of Bodrum to swim, get tanned, have fun or relax your body and mind. Briefly, you can leave the tiredness and boredom behind and begin to enjoy being aboard!

Bodrum Excursions with an Adrenaline Boost

Bodrum excursions are capable of suiting different types of people. For example, if you think that to make a holiday memorable, one should get thrilled and have goose bumps on his skin, you are probably an adrenaline addict; and, you tend to search for a real excitement through Bodrum excursions, activities and events that you will select. Therefore, you should narrow your options down and choose something that you will remember forever!

Since the terrains of Bodrum are very suitable for enjoying thrilling rides, you can sign up for Bodrum excursions that include strong machines that will take you to the ending point after an exciting muddy ride. To specify, Bodrum jeep safari and quad (buggy) bike safari will push the button of your adventurous spirit in this manner.

If you prefer being in water, though, you have a priceless opportunity such as viewing the natural wonders of Bodrum while you are swinging on a wild river: Rafting in Bodrum is made for that! We highly recommend you to grab the ones that you love, get in the rafting boat, enjoy the stream and fill your veins with a real adrenaline boost.

To add high-level of excitement in a peaceful atmosphere, you can also think of scuba diving in Bodrum. With the help of a professional divers and instructors, you will be able to explore the matchless beauty of the depths of Mediterranean Sea which hosts lots of different sea creatures.

Bodrum Excursions to Release the Stress

A holiday is a perfect time to get rest, get rid of the stress and responsibilities, and relax your mind. To double this joy, you can ornament your holiday in Bodrum with relaxing Bodrum excursions. For example, you can go aboard and fish peacefully while you are breathing fresh air by joining in Bodrum fishing tour; you can visit Dalyan for a special mud bath session and explore the wealthy background of the place by enrolling in Dalyan excursion from Bodrum; you can observe the natural wonders of Bodrum on horseback by joining in Bodrum horse safari; and you can enjoy one of the most popular items of Turkish culture which shows the magnificence of the traditional bath session by participating in Bodrum Turkish Bath program. All of these Bodrum excursions will make your vacation unforgettable, and help you go back home refreshed.

Bodrum Excursions to Other Places

There are many hot spots for tourists around Bodrum as well. During your stay in Bodrum, If you have time and wants to explore the touristic destinations around Bodrum, you can visit some of them by joining in Bodrum excursions that depart from Bodrum to ancient city of Ephesus, and to Pamukkale. Under the title of being world heritages, Ephesus and Pamukkale are on the lists of travelers who would like to explore the rich stories of the ancient civilizations such as Romans and Byzantines. In a nutshell, if you get bored of swimming for days, you can prepare your bag and hop on a modern tour bus to Izmir or Denizli where Ephesus and Pamukkale are located.

To sum up, Bodrum is a small district with big opportunities and many options for you. Moreover, thanks to Bodrum excursions, you will be enjoying your stay in Bodrum full of joy and excitement. Thus, we highly recommend you to determine the things you want to do in Bodrum, make a plan for your entire stay, prepare your bags and book the perfect Bodrum excursion for you and the ones that you travel with!