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Daily Excursions Marmaris and Icmeler

Marmaris is one of many touristic hot spots in Turkey that can be called the paradise on Earth. Once you get there, we assure you’ll love it so much you won’t want to leave. First of all, if you are travelling from another country by plane, please bear in mind that the closest airport to Marmaris is Dalaman airport. Once you land in Dalaman, you can simply reach Marmaris by a one hour drive. Yes it’s that easy. Besides, if you are currently in one of Turkey’s cities don’t forget that it’s possible to find affordable transportation from any city to Marmaris.

Daily excursions Marmaris will be the best part of your holiday in Marmaris

Marmaris is worth to see not only because of its smooth and fascinating bays dancing with every tone of green and colourful nightlife but also involving Aegean culture with unbelievably calm local people trying to show their hospitality. Before you head out to Marmaris, try to give yourself at least a week since this heavenly place has a lot to offer. Regardless of the month you’re having your vacation in Marmaris, thanks to its exceptionally mild climate; you can easily fill up your time in here with so many attractions.

We also would like to arouse your attention to another place which is as priceless as Marmaris; Icmeler where you can easily reach here with a twenty minute car ride from Marmaris city centre. İcmeler will also fascinate you with its nature, coastline, beaches, pubs and other numerous stuff.

Due to having so many things to explore in both Marmaris and Icmeler, we kindly invite you to check out our excursions on this web site where we provide details about many options and activities. If you can spare some time, boat excursions section and the blog of this web site can help you compose, with peace of mind, an unforgettable vacation full of excitement, joy and visual feast during your stay in Marmaris.

How to Book a Daily Excursion in Marmaris?

The process is easy to handle if you follow the basic steps shown below:

Check out our clear and concise articles where we describe various tour options and joyous activities, and provide some tips about them. This way, you can decide which tours and activities are the perfect fit for you and/or for your family in terms of time tables, pricing and content, though we sincerely suggest you attend as many as possible during your stay to make the most of Marmaris and neighbouring touristic hot spots.

Once you pick your tour / tours, you will see the reservation form down the description. We kindly request you to fill out the form carefully and click the green coloured “book now” button below the form.

If you do so, we receive your reservation request and send you a “confirmation email” to your mail address. As you will see in this email, we kindly ask you to acknowledge the excursion that you’ve chosen along with your personal details.

Well, if you also confirm the details, you’re ready for your excursion! You do not have to make any payment or share your credit card details at this booking stage. Since our aim is to make you feel safe and secure, you can pay when we greet you face to face at the day of your excursion.

Don’t forget that you can also ring us from the contact number on the excursion’s page should you need further information.

Daily Excursions Marmaris


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Daily Excursions Icmeler


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