Dalyan Iztuzu Beach

Dalyan, a separate town situated inside the Ortaca district in Mugla, Turkey is positioned between the well-known regions of Marmaris and Fethiye.

Dalyan is about 85 km from Marmaris. Set on the south west Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, the region is renowned for its exceptional natural beauty. Dalyan in Turkish stands for ‘Fishing Lure”.

The fish that swim back from the waters move up to Lake Koycegiz and lay their eggs there. As they go back to the sea, they get captured in dalyans.

The Dalyan River streams through the area and is the most common way of traveling to all the well-known locations around. The city offers a pristine and relaxing getaway environment despite the mass tourism. T

he region contains more than a hundred species of birds and is a breeding ground for more than 3 types of turtle like the endangered Loggerhead Caretta Caretta.

The complete delta area together with the bordering town of Koycegiz and the Lake Koycegiz is declared as the “Koycegiz-Dalyan Special Environmental Protection Area” in 1988.

From Marmaris To Dalyan

There are daly trips from Marmaris to Dalyan. If you go to Dalyan, you will have to chance to see these things. It is possible to sign up for a Marmaris Dalyan Boat Trip. The boats begin cruising from Marmaris Harbor for a 2.5 hour trip to Dalyan.

Mud Bath in Dalyan

Having a ‘Mud Bath’ on the banks of Dalyan River is among the most favored activities intended for visitors.

The mud is abundant with minerals such as magnesium and sulfur which happen to be useful for enhancing skin health. There are alwo hot water springs in which you can swim.

Iztuzu Beach (Turtle Beach)

Beaches offer perfect vacation spots for almost everyone. Shimming in those warm ocean waters as well as enjoying the cool ocean breeze provides a quite pleasurable feeling that is totally deserved presumably after long and stressful months of endless work. Iztuzu beach is however one of a kind beach. It is a quite unique beach totally different from any other ordinary beach that you might know of and any person who has had the opportunity to visit can attest to that.    Have you ever heard of a beach that literally lies in between two waters bodies? The right presumption is that you have never thought of the existent of such a beach leave alone hearing about it Well. That’s Iztuzu beach for you. This 4.5 km beach is a narrow stretch that unbelievably foms a natural sand barrier between the delta of Dalyan River and the Turkish Mediterranean sea. How amazing does that sound to you? Imagine swimming in the salty ocean waters as well as fresh river waters all at the same spot?    Subject to the above unique features, Iztuzu beach has gained quite commendable popularity becoming a recognized holiday destination not only for local Turkish citizens but international tourists as well. As a result, this beach has attracted global recognition awards key of them been the best open space beach in Europe according to The Times in 2008 as well as the best beach destination in Europe as it was proclaimed by Zoover Dutch holiday assessment website in 2011.

Turtles – Caretta Caretta

The town lies away from the coast, but visitors can have fun with the boat trips from the harbor, that features a white sand beach that is nearly 6 kilometers.

A boat ride from this point will take you to the stunning Dalyan Turtle Beach (aka Iztuzu Beach), a preservation area and one of the very last nesting locations for the endangered Loggerhead turtles.

This kind of turtles have been around for more than forty five million years and hence these nesting locations are observed at close range and guarded by international preservation institutions and the Turkish authorities.

Turtles lay their eggsfrom May to October and the shore stays closed between 19:00 and 8:00 to help in accomplishing this.

Getting a tan and going swimming are the favorite activities for vacationers going there. The Iztuzu Beach has been declared the ‘Best open Space in Europe’ in 2008 by The Times magazine.

King Tombs in Dalyan

The neighbouring massive cliffs are where you can find the ancient Lycian tombs which were created by cutting rocks during the 4th century BC. The ruins of the historical trading city of Caunos over the river can be accessed by a quick trip via a boat.

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