Dalyan The Small Famous Turkish Town


From Marmaris To Dalyan

Dalyan is a small coastal town nearby Marmaris Turkey. This town has become one of the leading holiday destinations subject to its unique attractions as outlined hereunder. There are daly trips from Marmaris to Dalyan. If you go to Dalyan, you will have to chance to see these things.

1- Iztuzu Beach

Beaches offer perfect vacation spots for almost everyone. Shimming in those warm ocean waters as well as enjoying the cool ocean breeze provides a quite pleasurable feeling that is totally deserved presumably after long and stressful months of endless work. Iztuzu beach is however one of a kind beach. It is a quite unique beach totally different from any other ordinary beach that you might know of and any person who has had the opportunity to visit can attest to that.    Have you ever heard of a beach that literally lies in between two waters bodies? The right presumption is that you have never thought of the existent of such a beach leave alone hearing about it Well. That’s Iztuzu beach for you. This 4.5 km beach is a narrow stretch that unbelievably foms a natural sand barrier between the delta of Dalyan River and the Turkish Mediterranean sea. How amazing does that sound to you? Imagine swimming in the salty ocean waters as well as fresh river waters all at the same spot?    Subject to the above unique features, Iztuzu beach has gained quite commendable popularity becoming a recognized holiday destination not only for local Turkish citizens but international tourists as well. As a result, this beach has attracted global recognition awards key of them been the best open space beach in Europe according to The Times in 2008 as well as the best beach destination in Europe as it was proclaimed by Zoover Dutch holiday assessment website in 2011.

2- Carreta carretas

The Iztuzu Beach and generally the Mediterranean sea waters surrounding Dalyan also provide ideal habitats and breeding zones for the Carreta Carretas an endangered loggerhead turtle species as per the International Union for Conservation of Nature.  It has been said that female adult Carreta Carretas swim back to the beaches where they were originally hatched after 20 to 25 years in search of nesting zones. How these sea animals find their way back to these destinations after such long periods makes them quite amazing creatures that everyone would like to learn one or two things about. As such, access to Iztuzu beach as well as all other Dalyan beaches that provide nesting sites is highly regulated in order to protect this endangered turtle species. These sites actually enjoy 24 hour ministry officials’ patrol in addition to daily cleaning routines. Consequent to the above stringent protective measures that hinder any form of disastrous human interferences, these sites’ natural features are well preserved providing perfect holiday destinations for visitors.

3- Dalyan mad bath

I am sure most of us have come across numerous mad bath myths some of which are believable while others match stories from fiction movies. Myths associated to Dalyan mad baths however seem to be factual subject to past visitor’s experiences and assurances’. It has been said that the so called mud therapy provides effective remedies to a number of skin conditions as well as wrinkles on aging skin. It has actually been said that Dalyan mud baths will make you look ten years younger subject to the tightening effect of the drying mad on one’s skin. Visitors also get to enjoy naturally warm spring baths which is also said to have some health benefits. Whether you visit these sites for the healing or any other reasons, these activities will be adventurous and quite pleasurable for you.    Do not be left behind. Visit Dalyan and enjoy its unique attractions that would be difficult to find anywhere else. We also organize daily Dalyan tours from Marmaris to Dalyan either by boat or bus. The choice is yours.


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