• Adults:£20
  • Children (7-12):£10
  • Infants (0-6):£0

Note: For Availability, Check The Calendar

Tour Days: Everyday

Tour Start Time: 10:00 Thru 10:30

Tour Ending Time: 15:30 Thru 16:00

  • Please note that all of our tours and activities include free pickup and drop off services for all participants. As such, collecting all participants might sometimes take longer than expected causing delays regarding the start and end of our tours. We kindly request all participants be ready for pickup and drop off by the shuttle service in the time frame specified here. Thank you for your cooperation.

Note: Boat leaves from Marmaris.

First Stop: Orhan Bay

Second Stop: Selimiye Bay

Third Stop: Camelia Island

Fourth Stop: Sharp Teeth Island

Fifth Stop: Rabbit Island

Sixth Stop: Aquarium Bay

A pick up and drop back services

(From/to Icmeler, Armutalan, Siteler, Marmaris City Center)

Full insuruance

Unlimited Drinks (Vodka, Wine, Water, Cola, Fanta, Tea, Coffee)


English Speaking Crew

Personal expenses

Do I have to pay tour fee in advance?

No. You can pay in personal on the tour day. Credit card informations are not required when you are booking.

All Inclusive Aegean Islands Boat Trip from Icmeler 

Icmeler Aegean Island Boat Trip Details

This Aegean Island Boat Trip from Icmeler consists of:

1. Time: The duration of the trip is from 9 am when you leave your hotel to around 6 pm when you return. The time to the wharf is roughly 30 minutes.

2. Meals: A continental lunch will be provided which includes white-meat chicken, green salad, pasta and bread, and local fruits of the season.

3. Local drinks will be available in unlimited amounts.

4. You can take the tour on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The boat which will be utilized for the trip has two decks with the lower deck having an indoor lounge, where you can get shelter from the sun and also, drop into the bar for drinks and lunch. The upper deck, laid out under the open sky is furnished with sun beds and mattresses where you can work on your tan and if so inclined, dance to your heart’s content to the passionate Turkish music.

This Aegean Island tour on the boat from Icmeler will include the following stops:

*All stops are not guaranteed depending on the level of demand during high seasons

First stop: The first stop is at Orpan Bay, where you get to visit one of the largest marinas of the Aegean coast of Marmaris, in the district of Martha Marino. Walk down the golden beaches of the Kiz Kumu to the Maiden Sand, which is a marina with a flagship restaurant and is surrounded by legendary beaches which have been centers of civilization since the Ancient Romans.

Second Stop: The second stop of this Icmeler Aegean Island Boat trip is the Selimiye Bay, named after Selim II, the heir to Sultan Suleiman, the Magnificent and the beautiful Roksolana (Anastasiya Lisovskaya.) This bay is also widely known as the Bay of Drunks, a reference to Selim II, who was an ardent patron of Greek Wine and a fervent admirer of the beauty of the female form. The legend is that Selim II died here, after falling off a cliff. Another legend however, states that he died in the Haman after drunkenly chasing after one of his favorite mistresses, leading him to fall and suffer a fatal blow to his head on the marble floor of the Hamam.

Third Stop: The third stop is at Camellia Island, where you get the option to go for a swim or take a walk up to an ancient Byzantine Church, dating back to the 12th century. White, pink and black mosaics exquisitely decorate the surrounding areas. At the entrance of the church, there is a mosaic circle where people make wishes to fulfill all their non-material desires. Also, near the church there is an ancient olive tree, which surprisingly still bears fruit and where people go to make wishes of a material sort.

Fourth Stop: The fourth stop is at the volcanic island of Sharp teeth. It is named such, because the hardened lava has given rise to a shape, which when looked at from a birds-eye point of view, resembles the open mouth of a Giant Dragon. The numerous small shells scattered about the island are believed to bring about good luck in financial matters.

Fifth Stop: The fifth stop is at Rabbit Island, which is a private island owned by the proprietor of one of the most expensive hotels in Tukey, formerly known as the SelectMaris. This island’s aim was to provide a peaceful, secluded retreat for famous politicians and film stars, away from the public glare. Have a nice time feeding and petting the rabbits which were introduced here by the hotel for the guest’s recreation.

Sixth Stop: The sixth and final stop of this Aegean Island Boat Trip from Icmeler is the Bay Aquariam. Out here, the water is denser and of a much darker shade of blue than the surroundings. Lose yourself in the crystal clear, beautiful dark blue waters and maybe even go for a refreshing swim.

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