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Armutalan Turkish Bath

Adults: £10.00
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Tour Days: Everyday

Tour Start Time: Anytime

Tour Duration: 2 Hours

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A pick up and drop back services

Full insuruance

Soap and Towels

Sauna/Foam Massage/Scrubbing

Oil Massage

Personal expenses

Do I have to pay tour fee in advance?

No. You can pay in personal on the tour day. Credit card informations are not required when you are booking.

Hamam Armutalan – Turkish Bath Armutalan

All tourists who decided to spend their vacation in sunny Marmaris, should know that vacation in seaside resorts in hospitable Turkey, you must start with a visit to the hamam.

This is the name of the traditional Turkish bath, which serves to improve the body, restore strength, purify the skin and prepare it for further exposure to ultraviolet light during long sun bathing on the beach.

In addition, all the useful activities that the program of service in the hamam provide, will give you an extraordinary pleasure and, ineffable words, delightful sensations. These exquisite pleasures will be provided to you for two hours under a standard body care package, and additional services will be offered to you.

Lovers of this pastime who know the sense of bathing procedures, argue that the best and largest in the Marmaris hamam is, unequivocally, Hamam Armutalan (Armutalan) . This high-class hamam is named after the name of one of the major areas of the resort of Marmaris, in which it is located.

The traditional Hamut Armutalan enjoys well-deserved popularity not only among the guests of Marmaris, but also among local residents.

Experts and connoisseurs of Turkish hammam who had experience visiting many of these bathhouses and can compare the level of service and dignity of the premises of different hammam believe that Armutalan Hamam even surpasses in all significant indicators of quality of service, the most famous hamam in Istanbul. And the Istanbul hamam, according to the authoritative English edition of The Guardian (Guardian), everyone should have time to visit until the end of their days, at least once in their life.

The building of the Hamut Armutalan was built in strict accordance with the rules of the ancient Ottoman architectural traditions. On its landscaped territory there is a beautiful patio with a garden and a picturesque view of the mountains. The main marble hall of the hamam has a roof of a dome shape, which is artfully decorated with colored stained-glass windows.

Also, inside there is a SPA salon and a large lounge. The interior of this hamam impresses visitors with its rich decor and magnificent design. All interior spaces are luxuriously decorated in national style with mosaic ornaments and the use of the most expensive finishing materials and valuable marble.

All rooms are equipped with the most stringent requirements of modern hygiene standards!

The traditional bathing procedure in the hamam consists of consecutive activities that include first visiting a Finnish sauna, then peeling with a glove “kese” made from natural fibers of different texture, providing an effective but gentle cleansing of the skin surface from the old cell layer.

Next is a gentle foam massage, which lasts five minutes. After that, in a separate room, a massage with olive oil is performed, which lasts for 20 minutes.

Between the procedures are offered drinks and rest. Visiting the hamam of Armutalan guarantees you a great rest, restoration of health resources, improvement of appearance due to deep rejuvenation of the whole organism. Also, you will get an interesting experience and wonderful experiences that will be remembered for ever!

Turkish bath in Marmaris – the cost of Hamam Armutalan includes:

• Transfer from the hotel and back
• Sauna
• Peeling with a special washcloth kese
• Foam massage with natural handmade soap
• Relaxing oil massage

It is necessary to take with you:

• Swimsuit
• Slippers
• Money for personal expenses
• Pareo

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