Bodrum Aquapark

Bodrum Aquapark is a place where the fun never ends! If you are or plan to be in Bodrum and want to diversify your vacation in there, you do not need to think about how to do it anymore.

Our Bodrum waterpark tour will provide you with what you seek. Especially if you travel with your family and friends, the fun and entertainment will be doubled while all of you are laughing, screaming and splashing the waters!

If you are a solo traveler, though, do not think you will not have fun; you will have fun and also have a chance to meet new people from different countries and ideas, since Bodrum Aquapark is full of many people who love fun and adrenaline!

In any case, waterpark in Bodrum will be a perfect place in which you will spend your 6 hours of a day if you want to ornament your holiday!

If you are already excited, we suggest you keep reading; you will learn the details about our program of waterpark tour and get ready to book it!

  • Adults:£15
  • Children (6-12):£10

Note: For Availability, Check The Calendar

Tour Days: Everyday

Time:  10:00

Pick Up

The Facility



Children Friendly

A Safe Environment


Dance Shows & Foam Party

Waterpark Entrance Fee

Slides & Pools

Umbrellas and Sunbeds

Free Hotel Transfer

Animation & DJ


Kid’s Club

Personal Expenditure

Lunch and Drinks

Exclusive Sections


Swimming Costumes

Sun Cream

Sun Glasses



Get Prepared for Bodrum Waterpark

Before getting into the details of the program of Bodrum Aquapark, we would like to share some information about things you should know before joining in it and how to prepare your bag perfectly.

  • First of all, you should definitely bring your hat, sunglasses and sun cream with you in order to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun rays.
  • Secondly, of course, you should take your swimsuit and towel with you.
  • And lastly, we suggest you to get your camera ready to take some photos to prove how much you have fun inside

How will we start our Bodrum Aquapark program?

To start our program, we will pick you up from your hotel in Bodrum in the morning (roughly at 10 am) by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle. Then, we will drive for nearly 8 kilometers to arrive to Bodrum Aquapark.

The Facility

When we get to aquapark, you will be welcomed warmly by the friendly staff of the facility and let to the entrance.

While you are entering there, you will learn about required information about the slides, pools and the general rules of the place.

After you put your belongings in your special locker and select a sunbed (or sunbeds, depends on how many people you are) and umbrella, you will get ready to have fun!

The Slides & Pools

Bodrum waterpark have many slides with different types, colors, lengths and heights, and we are totally sure that you will love any of your choice.

Some of them are twisty, some of them have a shape of a tunnel and some of them will blow your mind by providing you with a high-level of adrenaline while you are sliding down on them!

If you can meet the required safety procedures, you will be able to try any of them and enjoy being as fast as a bullet!

Also, it has a variety of pools which will let you rest and swim in them. With different levels of depth and shapes, you will be able to find the most suitable one for your swimming appetite.


During your time in Bodrum Aquapark, there will be DJ performances, music, dance shows and foam parties. If you feel you get bored of sliding or swimming, you can follow the rhythms!

Is it suitable for chidren?

Bodrum waterpark is suitable for children as well as adults. In Kid’s Club, there are toys, slides and pools with special and safe designs that wait for welcoming lovely children! Especially if you have children with you, you can take them to this amazing area and watch how they get happier!

Other Things

In aquapark, you can drink and eat as much as you want, since there will be cafes that cook delicious foods. Yet, you should remember that the price of program does not include the lunch or drinks.

When time is up, you will leave aquapark and get on our vehicle that waits for picking you up to take you to your hotel. Upon the arrival (approximately at 16 pm) our tour will end successfully.

If you like the content of Bodrum Aquapark, you can easily book it online like other Bodrum excursions we arrange. Also, you can contact us 7/24; we will help you gladly.

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