Bodrum Dolphin Park

Bodrum Dolphin Park is where the real fun, laughter and the loveliest animals of the world unite! If you have no idea about the place, we would like to describe there as a high-class facility with a very large area.

Of course, this area is full of enormous pools and our talented friends such as dolphins that are perfectly taken care of by the professionals.

Now, you might wonder what is waiting for you in this amazing “dolphinarium”. Actually, you have two amazing options: A entertaining dolphin show and the show plus an amazing session which includes swimming with the dolphins!

Depends your expectations, budget or way of thinking, you can select your favorite and make the place unforgettable.

  • Swimmer:£85
  • Guest:£25

Note: For Availability, Check The Calendar

Tour Days: Everyday

Tour Start Time: 10:45 / 12:45 / 14:45

Tour End Time:

Pick up


Dolphin show

Professional Photographer

Children Friendly


Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)

Swimming Session

Dolphin Show

Guided Tour

Other Personal Expenses

Professional Photos

Food & Drinks





Sun Cream

Sun Glasses


  • Pregnant Woman, Children Under 8 Years Old And People Under Influence of Alcohol Can’t Swim With Dolphins.
  • Don’t Apply Any Suncream Before Swimming.

Bodrum Dolphin Park Offers a Family-Size Fun

Even if it does not matter if you are a solo traveler or have a crowded travelling group, especially if you have your children, you can easily make your holiday in Bodrum perfect for both of you.

Because children love the dolphins even more than you love them! Thus, it is a good chance for you to double the amount of love in your children’s hearts towards the animals easily.

Now, let us give more details about the programs of the park, so that you will be able to decide one of which you will join in. Below, you will find your answers!

Bodrum Dolphin Show: The Amazement through the Dolphins

After picking you up from your hotel in Bodrum and taking you to Bodrum Dolphin Park, you will be welcomed by the professional staff and guide of there.

After learning amazing facts about the facility, life under the water and sea creatures, you will go to the special platform in which the show will begin. After all of the guests and of course, the lovely performers are ready, the fun will begin!

The dolphins and their trainers will enter and make you excited quickly. Then, in the special pool, these amazing creatures will immediately start playing with the balls and hoops at the request of their trainers.

Also, they will jump and dance in company with energizing songs and make you surrounded with bubbling hearts!

As a note here, we recommend you to take their photos and videos to immortalize their skill during this 1-hour show; or else you might regret later, because you will obviously miss them!

If you select being a participant of the show only, the program will end after the dolphins and trainers leave. Then, we will pick you up again to take you back to your hotel. If you stay for the “swimming with dolphins session”, though, a breathtaking experience will start immediately!

Swimming with Dolphins in Bodrum Dolphin Park

After getting ready and learning the required instructions, you will be led to the special pool and meet the dolphins first.

Next, the professional instructor will help you to touch them and swim with them. Do not feel tense: you will be observed for a complete safety during this breathtaking event.

Thus, everything will be quite fine and safe!

As a note here, if you show your affection to the dolphin, the friendship of you will grow and you will enjoy the session even more.

Your connection will renew your soul due to the cleansing side of the innocent love that only animals can give!

In brief, you will never be able to forget what you feel during this exclusive swimming session

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