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Bodrum Ephesus Tour

Adults: £35.00
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Tour Start: 6.30 am

Tour End: 8 pm

UNESCO Heritage site Ephesus once boasted a population of 250,000. Silt eventually cut the thriving port off from the sea, and over time Ephesus and its wonders were buried. Late 19th-century archaeologists made dig attempts in the area that grew into an ongoing excavation of Ephesus that continues to this day. Ephesus now receives over three million visitors a year from early April to late October. Tourists may take the Bodrum Ephesus tour. Situated in Southwestern Turkey’s Aegean region, the port town of Bodrum thrives on tourism and has beaches, shopping, and its own castle.

The journey from Bodrum to Ephesus lasts about three hours by coach and may include guided tours of Christian Heritage sites like the Basilica of St. John and the purported Last Home of the Virgin Mary, a Vatican-recognized pilgrimage site. Traditionally prayers are written on napkins an tied to a fence that surrounds the Virgin Mary’s Last Home.

The Ephesus tour from Bodrum transports guests to a city once liberated by Alexander the Great. Highlights include the Celsius Library ruins, the Temple of Artemis, large public bathhouses, and a house of prostitutes. One of Ephesus’ great treasures, a 25,000 capacity stadium known for its excellent acoustics, is possibly the largest ancient stadium ever built.

Admission tickets for the Bodrum Ephesus Excursion include a paid lunch, transportation to and from the sites, a guided tour, insurance, and the entry fee to Ephesus. Pack sunblock, hats, lots of bottled water, and sunglasses. Ephesus is a large site, so be able to walk at least one km as well.

When planning a trip to Turkey or Mediterranean cruise, do look for the Ephesus tour. The Artemis Temple alone is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. So few sites of this spectacular quality exist; do not miss out on the opportunity to walk among these gorgeous ruins.

Details of Bodrum Ephesus Tour


  • Guide
  • Transfer
  • Entry fee
  • Lunch


  • The Virgin Mary House

Important Info

Take camera

Travel time approximately 4 hours each way, stopping once for breakfast and once each way at a leather or gold factory.

0-6 years – FREE (not gauranteed own seat on the coach)

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