Bodrum Pamukkale Tour

Bodrum Pamukkale Tour will ornament your holiday in Bodrum by taking you to white lands of Pamukkale.

If you have enjoyed the beauty of Bodrum by swimming its crystal clear sea, lying down on its golden sands and signing up for its exciting water sports, you can and should try something new, which has the capacity of pleasing your eyes and expanding your mind at the same time. Pamukkale is the perfect destination for it.

Moreover, we will combine this world heritage with a high-quality service through the entire tour and make this place even more special!

If you wonder how our day trip to Pamukkale will be like, we would like to tell everything about it. The only thing you need to do is to keep reading and get more convinced!

  • Adults:£32
  • Children (7-12):£16
  • Infants (0-6):£0

Note: For Availability, Check The Calendar

Tour Days: Monday and Friday

Transfer Times:

Turgutreis: Apx. 05:45

Yalıkavak: Apx. 05:45

Gündoğan: Apx. 06:00

Bitez, Gümbet, Bodrum City Center: Apx. 06:30

Tour Ending Time: 20:00

07:00: Departure from Bodrum

08:00: Breakfast break at Quickly Restaurant in Muğla ( 30 minutes served on an open buffet – Not included)

10:00: Arrival to Pamukkale town and visit to onyx Outlet..

12:00: Visit to Hierapolis(the sacred city )Setting by Cleopatra’s Pool the main thermal source, 2.5 hours free time to enjoy a walk on the terraces and maybe a swim in cleopatra’s pool.(Cleopatra’s pool not included)

14:30:Departure for lunch (Included). Drinks are extra.

15:10:Visit to the Leather factory after Lunch.

16:00:Departure for Bodrum.

18:00:Refreshment break for 20 min. Nearby Muğla at Quickly restaurant.(Not included)

20:00: Arrival back in Bodrum.

From/to hotel transfer service

Full insuruance


English Speaking Crew

Professional Guidance



Entrance fee to Cleopatra’s Pool

Personal expenses

  • We kindly request our guests to be ready by the hotel’s reception 10 minutes before departure time.
  • Pick-up transfers may last from 20 minutes to 30 minutes due to heavy traffic.
  • Tour programs and prices may change without prior notice. Any increase in museum entrance fees will be reflected in the prices.

Get Prepared for Bodrum Pamukkale Tour

Before giving the details about our Bodrum Pamukkale Tour, we will share some information about the things you need to know before booking and how to get prepared perfectly.

  • Firstly, Pamukkale is a place where you explore the details by walking. Therefore, Pamukkale Tour from Bodrum is not suitable for guests with walking difficulties.
  • Secondly, we will be under the sun during our exploration, thus, we highly recommend you to bring your hat, sun glasses and sun cream. Also, you should put your swimsuit and towel in your bag if you want to enjoy the natural thermal waters of Pamukkale.
  • Thirdly, taking a bottle of water and some snacks with you may be a good idea!
  • Lastly, before being picked up by us, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes to avoid any discomfort during our tour.

The Start

To start our tour officially, we will pick you and your belongings up from the hotel that you stay in Bodrum by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable tour bus in early hours of the morning, such as 05:30-06:30 am.

In the bus, you will meet our professional and licensed tour guide and we will take to the roads to Mugla in company with an entertaining ride.

A Break in Mugla

After nearly 30 minutes on the roads, we will arrive to the center of Mugla province of which Bodrum is a district.

In there, we will stop by a local restaurant and you will be able to have a breakfast by paying for it or eat the foods that you have brought with you.

Then, we will get on the bus again and during our 2-hour ride, thanks to our guide, you will have information about Pamukkale.

The Ancient City of Hierapolis

The next stop of our Pamukkale day trip will be the ancient city of Hierapolis, an ancient site that has been settled at the peak of Pamukkale Mountain centuries ago.

In there, we will walk on the streets of this significant UNESCO World Heritage Site and observe its striking pieces such as the gates, theatre, Temple of Apollo, necropolis, tombs, baths, columns, altars and more.

Moreover, you will learn important facts about this site, mythology or figures of that particular era thanks to our guide. In brief, you will please your eyes and mind in the streets of Hierapolis, at the same time.

Free Time in Pamukkale

After exploring Hierapolis deeply, we will set you free for 3 hours; with that, you will be able to enjoy Pamukkale as much as you can!

During this time period, you can view unique beauty of Pamukkale travertines (terraces), play in the puddles of these travertines, benefit from white muds by applying them to your skin, enjoy walking in the thermal waters barefoot and swim in Cleopatra Pool.

Before making up your mind, you can ask advice from our guide who will willingly help you. As a recommendation, whatever you do, do not forget to take photos of every step you take during our Bodrum Pamukkale Tour, since you cannot visit any place whiter than Pamukkale!

The Lunch

When time is up, we will unite again and depart from Pamukkale to a village nearby. In there, we will have a delicious lunch that proves the delight of Turkish cuisine.

The Onyx Factory

As the last stop, we will head to an onyx factory and be able to view the process of shaping this marble-like material. In there, you will also be able to purchase some souvenirs.

The End

After leaving the factory, we will get on the bus again; take to the roads to Mugla and Bodrum successively. When we drop you to your hotel, our Bodrum Pamukkale Tour will end successfully.

If you like the content, you can book it online or have more information about it if you contact us. Also, to view other Bodrum excursions we arrange, you can visit the related page.

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