Bodrum Pirate Boat Trip

Bodrum Pirate Boat Trip will be your favorite boat trip especially if you are into thematic activities or places, because the boat that holds the event will be decorated with pirate ship materials and style!

Its huge body, wings, folds, colors and accessories make it look like it belongs to the deepest points of the oceans; yet, it will be here, in Bodrum, to take you to the amazing journeys!

Moreover, during the sailing on the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea, you will be enjoying swimming, sunbathing, a dynamic party and observing the abundance of the Mother Nature.

In other words, you will not only feel like a pirate on the deck, you will also have fun as much as pirates that are known with being fond of the entertainment!

If you are already excited, you should keep reading to learn the details of Pirate Boat Trip program. Below, we will share information that you seek.

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  • Adults:£20
  • Children (7-12):£10

Note: For Availability, Check The Calendar

Tour Days: Everyday

Time:  09:30


The Boat

Swimming Stops


Foam Party


Free BBQ Lunch

Swimming breaks

Foam party on the deck

Full Insurance

Guiding Service



Other Personal Expenses




Sun Cream



Get Prepared for Bodrum Pirate Boat Trip

We would like give some tips about how to prepare your bag perfectly.

  • You should definitely bring your hat, sun cream and sunglasses in order to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Do not forget to put your swimsuit and towel in your bag if you want to enjoy the amazing waters.
  • We recommend you to get your camera ready to record all of the exciting moments that you will have on the deck!

To start our Pirate Boat Tour program

We will depart from Halikarnas Harbor; that is why, you should be there at 9:30 am.

In the harbor, you will be welcomed warmly by our professional and friendly crew and led to the boat. We are quite sure that you will fall in love with the boat at the first sight!

Speaking of the boat, you should know that the pirate ship is fully-equipped with its toilets, showers, bar, sunbeds, a disco area and more. Thus, the journey on the sea will be totally comfortable and luxurious!

Swimming Stops of Bodrum Pirate Boat Trip

During Bodrum boat trip, you will have a chance to swim and play in the unpolluted and baby-blue waters of Aegean Sea.

The twisty shores and the breathtaking hybrid of the shades of green and blue will be waiting for you. You can observe all of them while you are mixing to the refreshing sea.

The sweet breeze of the wind and warm touch of the sun will be your companions during this exclusive swimming opportunity.

The Lunch

Between some of the swimming stops, we will have a lunch break and offer a menu that combines grilled chicken, rice/pasta and salad.

In other words, they will be fresh and quite delightful, and ready to fill your body up with a lot of energy!

The Foam Party

Probably the best part of Pirate Boat Trip will be the foam party for you. You will be surrounded with dynamic songs thanks to our amazing DJ, tasty drinks and of course, foams!

In the special area on the deck, you will be able to dance and have fun as much as you want until we return to the harbor. You still have some time to prove how talented you are at dancing!

When the total duration of boat trip ends after 6 hours, we will get back to the harbor and say goodbye to each other. Then, our trip will end successfully.

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