Bodrum Rafting Tour

Bodrum rafting tour is a breathtaking activity and the best option among all Bodrum excursions for the travels who have adventurous spirits and admiration to the nature: Because the tour is capable of mixing high-level of adrenaline and matchless landscapes in Bodrum 

  • Adults:£60

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What Can You Expect from This Daily Excursion? 

We will pick you up from your hotel and have a comfortable bus ride to Dalaman. A breakfast break will be had first. Then, we will take you to the rafting field.  

In there, you will try to train the wild waves of the river and ornament your holiday in Bodrum with an intense-level of thrill. When the event ends, we will take you to your hotel back at the afternoon. 

Of course, the entire program will reveal more than that as the content; and to be able to learn about it in details, we recommend you to read the further paragraphs of the text. 

Meet the Masters and Learn How to Be a Rafter! 

We will arrive to the related field after a while on the roads; and in there, you will be able to meet the licensed and professional instructors who are also master rafters.  

Regardless of being inexperienced or professional, you will be informed about the equipment, the rafting session, things to do or not to do during the tour and more. Then, after a training part to sharpen your rafting skills, the adventure will begin. 

The First Session of Bodrum Rafting Tour: The Adventure Begins 

To the accompaniment of our professional instructors, you will get in a boat and let the stream takes you to wherever it wants!

Without getting hurt, since you will be led by the master rafter, you will be feeling how fast your heart beats due to swinging over the surface.

Thus, there will be laughter, screams, adrenaline, joy and excitement, for sure! 

A Delightful Lunch Break to Refill the Energy 

When the first part of the rafting ends, you will have a lunch in a local restaurant that is settled in riverside.

While pleasing your eyes, you will also able to please your stomach thanks to the delicious dishes that they will serve.

After the lunch, you will be free for 2,5 hours: Walking around, observing the wonders of nature, taking photos of the spectacular environment are only some of your choices. 

Let’s Continue to Dance on the Water! 

At the second parkour of Bodrum rafting tour, you will have another crazy session in which your boat may turn upside down!

At the middle of the stream, you will be dancing on the rattling waves of the river, with the ones that you love; of course, by being more experienced rafter than in the previous part! 

When the boat reaches to the ending point of the route, you will take off the equipment, say goodbye to the crew, and get on the bus that waits for picking you up. Then, we will have another bus trip to your hotel and everything will come to an end. 

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