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Bodrum Water Park

Bodrum Aqua Park
Adults: £13.00
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Bodrum Water Park

Do you love travelling and leisure? Well, we have a water park in Bodrum, Turkey. Bodrum water park is the largest in the region. This Aqua park in Bodrum is built on a 40, 000 square having a variety of leisure activities carried out in there. Slides game are offered including hair – raising kamikaze slide, vertical slides among others. These serene environment caters for our kids in that we offer kids zone and a Jacuzzi. We ensure you have a perfect relaxation and exercise by providing you a swimming pool.

We at Bodrum water park ensure that you get access to everything that you might need in any park. We ensure that you get enough space for sunbath, restaurant activities when having a meal as well as shopping outlets. Water park is the best place for your family. We offer special prices based on age. Children who are six years and below are charged free for any leisure activity.

We have a maximum number of slides, 24 of them and a wading pool that offers best body exercises and relaxation ever. You will not miss the expected light – Hearted pleasure in our park. Big hole and a huge boat that can accommodate four people to enjoy the serene as a group.

The black hole with high speed race enhancing different light effects.

Kamikaze; used by those who love sliding with high speed and a drop down of 80 degrees.

Multi-slide; suitable for the whole family. four parallel slide awaiting you.

Wave pool; have fun being lifted by waves.

Side winder; adrenaline booster.

Other amusement activities include; crazy river, giant slide, dancing and private parties. A special pool for young adults is under constructions. We recommend that children below 12 years of age to be accompanied by their guardians during swimming activities. In case of injuries, we have a trained doctor to cater for this. What a wonderful place! come and enjoy the calm and tranquil environment.

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