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Fethiye Dalyan Tour

Adults: £15.00
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To the Turkey’s southwestern coast is Dalyan, a small town which lays between the famous Marmaris and Fethiye districts. The town’s natural beauty is a one the many attractions sites for both local and foreign tourists. The Dalyan mud bath is, however, the most popular one, especially during summer. With tour guidance, the 65km Fethiye Dalyan tour happens on a daily basis from any area around Fethiye. It is usually marked with excitement and breathtaking experiences. The sites along the way are not only captivating but there is also a lot to learn.

More often than not, a trip to experience the awesome Dalyan mud bath begins with a boat trip to the Dalyan River. As you sail through the channels of Dalyan River, you get an epic view of nature besides the ancient tombs of Lycian rock that are known for their rich Roman history. The cooling effect from the river during a hot summer leaves you rejuvenated and relaxed.

From the Dalyan River, you get to the main agenda of the day, the Dalyan mud bath. Here, you will refresh yourself with the sulphuric mud bath which is believed to make one feel younger.The healing power associated with the thermal water here is beyond imagination. It is said to provide relief for back pains, gynaecological and dermatological diseases. Drinking the thermal water also has its own health benefits. Soaking yourself in mud and playing around leaves you completely exhausted and ravenous. But worry not, traditional Turkish cuisine is in plenty here and you shall have a buffet service once you are done with your mud bath. Eat to your taste and to your satisfaction as well.

But that’s not the end of it. Fethiye Dalyan tour is incomplete without an experience of the amazing Iztuzu beach. After a perfect mud bath experience, a cool swimming experience will do. Whether it is a fresh or salt water swim you need, it’s all there for you. Have a blast and a taste of what it feels to have some fun in the turquoise Mediterranean waters. And of course, the swimming is not all.

You are not yet done with the Fethiye Dalyan tour if you haven’t seen the turtles. It is at the Iztuzu beach ( Dalyan Turtle Beach) that you can find the rare species of Caretta Caretta turtles. These huge turtles lay their eggs on the beach but unfortunately, only a few of them survive since blue crabs among other predators feed on them. Before leaving here, by the way, be sure to get a taste of the grilled blue crabs.

With all that fun, it is time to get back to Fethiye. If you did not have the chance to watch the birds on your way to Dalyan, this should be a perfect time. During the river cruise back to Fethiye, enjoy watching different species of birds and you sure will want to have another view of the breathtaking Lycian tombs. And although with this you should have more than enough fun, you still will want to come back again and again for the amazing Fethiye Dalyan tour.

Tour Details

Monday, Thursday, Saturday


  • Guide
  • Transfer
  • Mud bath entry fee
  • Boat trip
  • Open buffet lunch


  • Turtle Beach entry fee
  • Drinks.

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