Fethiye Diving Tour

Having fun with water especially with the mixture of adventure and thrill always makes a special feeling. For making such moments memorable and delightful, here we present you the Scuba Diving in Fethiye where you can come up with your family to enjoy the highest level of activities.

Talking about the wonderful city, that is, the Fethiye is considered as one of the most wonderful cities in the Turkey. This city has numbers of tremendous attractions and visiting places one can see. Out of which the famous one is scuba diving.

  • Diver:£30
  • Non Diver:£15

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What Can You Expect from This Event?

Scuba Diving is considered as one of the easiest water sports that does not need any special ability and anybody with all ages can perform this. In our tour, we promise you that we will let you watch a different life under water.

Also, you don’t need to worry at all about anything because our professional teachers are there to help you and they will teach you and guide you all through the day. Once you will taste the feeling of this fantastic adventure, you will definitely perform diving again for sure.

Who Can Join in Fethiye Diving Tour?

The Scuba Diving in Fethiye organizes daily diving trips to all the people starting from the age of 12.

Details of the Program

We start our proceedings in the morning. We will take you from the harbor with our trainers to the diving point. Our professional candidates will instruct you properly how to dive and will provide you all the information regarding the equipment and the diving area. They will command you and will keep a close eye on each and everyone as we are very serious about the safeguard of each and every people. Near around six, we will take you back to the harbor.

The first-time divers can explore themselves in the underwater world with our scuba diving trip in the Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. Our group of professionals will take you near about 10 meters ( 33 feet ) below the water. The scuba diving tour in the Fethiye consists traveling by boat as well so that people can see different sights from the water surface. You can eat your meal on our dive boat as well.

The Equipment

For the underwater diving tour adventure, we will provide you the wetsuit, fins, mask, an oxygen tank and a weight belt which will help you to control the buoyant force. There will be an underwater photographer who will click your images and will make a video of all your dives, and you will be able to collect all such footage at the end of the day.

Explore the Life Under the Water

So what you are looking instead of this thrilling adventure! Just think about all such fun and plan to come with your family to taste out and amazing scuba diving in Fethiye. You will proudly remember all those moments in the future once you arrive here to take the joy of

the scuba diving of the Fethiye city. You will be able to tell your friends and relatives about all such experiences that you will take here.

So, just don’t think too much, make your decision bold and come to take the scuba diving fun in the Fethiye!


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