Fethiye Horse Riding

Fethiye Horse riding is one of the activities which many tourists both local and international enjoys when they visit various places when they are in their holidays or even vacations. Some ride horse as form of exercise while others may ride horse just for enjoyment. In some cases, there are those who ride horse as part of their hobby.

Horse riding in Fethiye is one of the famous activities which attract many guests for centuries. Horse riding in Fethiye has various categories where one can choose to ride on. For example, if you have never involved in horse riding you can have starter horse ride which will make you enjoy the horse riding in Fethiye experience maximumly.

If you are conversant with horse ride you can have intermediate horse ride which many guests enjoy since its one of the fantastic experiences you can enjoy in Fethiye.

  • Adults:£18
  • Children (7-12):£18
  • Infants (0-6):£3

Note: For Availability, Check The Calendar

What Can You Expect from This Tour?

Encourage yourself to come and enjoy horse riding in Fethiye whereby there are morning schedule and afternoon so is up to you to choose either to have your highly appreciated experience of horse riding either morning or afternoon session. You will enjoy horse riding in Fethiye where you will be able to see the old Greek houses in Kayakoy (Leviss) and Oludeniz.

Kayakoy (Levissi) Horse Riding (In the Morning)

The morning horse riding in Fethiye takes about three hours and starts from Hisaronu. From there the ride goes all the way to kayakoy which is more and ever famous for its ancient’s Greek ruins.

In Kayakoy where there is plenty of pine trees, we ride horses among the pine trees for about two hours before we pause for a cup of tea and pancakes which may consume an estimate of twenty to thirty minutes.

After refreshing our bodies with cup of tea and pancake then we take time to wander the old church and old houses (Levissi) where we use our camera lenses to capture all their photos and pose for photos as a single individual or as a group.

After enjoying the beautiful environment, we ride back via the same route and complete our morning session tour. We then wish good bye until the following morning.

Oludeniz (Panoramic) Horse Riding (In the afternoon)

The afternoon horse riding in Fethiye takes between two and three hours after starting from Hisaronu. This time we ride among pine trees for an estimate of one and hours.

Then we take a short break to view the turquoise water of Oludeniz for an approximate of thirty to forty minutes. We take several pictures of wonderful and beautiful scene to make the horse-riding tour more memorable and more beautiful.

After taking photos on the wonderfully made scenery we start our tour back though the same route which usually takes an approximate of one and half hours. We then bid you goodbye until we meet again.

For professional and experience horse riders they can demand their reservation of horse riding. They can comfortably ride away from the other groups but they should inform the management in time before the actual event.

We would like you to come and enjoy riding our horses which are healthier and very friendly and energetic.


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