Fethiye Rhodes Tour 

The fascinating ferry trips from Fethiye to Rhodes Island remain the toast of tourists. Although each trip only takes a one and half hour, its pleasant memories are not forgotten in a hurry.  

There is always a fast and comfortable hydrofoil at the harbor to convey travelers. Even if you live in the neighboring cities of Hisaronu and Oludeniz, there is provision for ground transportation to convey you to the harbor at Fethiye from where our hydrofoil will give you a smooth ferry to Rhodes Island, the peal of the Mediterranean. 

  • Adults:£65
  • Children (7-12):£45
  • Infants (0-6):£15

Note: For Availability, Check The Calendar

Rhodes Island: A Breathtaking Beauty & History 

Rhodes is one of the notable Islands in Greece with many beautiful accolades. Many refer to it as “the Island of the knights”, “the Island of Roses”, and “the pearl of the Mediterranean” being one of the seven famous wonders of the ancient world.  

Records showed that immigrants from Crete settled in Rhodes as far back as 1550 BC. Although the myth founding the Island remains a subject of debate, it leaves one with a smile. It is said that Rhodes came out of the sea at the command of Helios, the God of the sun.  

The island was so captivating even to Helios that he kept showering blessings on it. The blessings ended up turning into a rose earning the Island the name, “Island of Roses”. 

Places to Visit in Rhodes Island 

Aside from its interesting myth, you will certainly want to see the Island popular tourist destinations immediately our Fethiye to Rhodes ferry brings you there. Make sure you review the Island’s historical heritage. 

Pay a visit to the famous mount Tsambika. The monastery is another tourist destination as it possess the wonderful icon of the Virgin Mary. Never forget the “seven springs” also known as Epta Piges. You will simply be spell-bound on seeing the amazing rock from where these springs gush out. Others include the Grandmaster’s Palace, the Street of Knights, and the famous Valley of Butterflies. 

Enjoy Your Time in Rhodes 

Perhaps you are one of the many with a strong interest in fur products, never leave Rhodes in a hurry. You could take out time to do some shopping buying some fur products. There are people who seize the opportunity of being in Fethiye by embarking on our Fethiye Rhodes tour just for the purpose of buying fur.  

One more thing before leaving this Greek Island, try out some frozen Greek yoghurt and feta cheese made from goat/sheep milk and do not forget to top it up with locally brewed Mythos beer. You will be glad you did. 

We shall be right on the ground at the harbor in Rhodes to bring you back to Turkey as we also provide day ferry trip from Rhodes to Fethiye on request. It is always important to move with your passport on such trips because two countries are involved- Turkey and Greece. Having some Euros with you would not be a bad idea particularly if you intend spending some days in Rhodes. 

For anyone to find himself or herself in Fethiye or any of the neighboring Turkey cities without seizing the opportunity or making a quick Fethiye to Rhodes trip is tantamount to throwing away something precious. It is only a few hours trip although with memories that last for years. 


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