King Sezar Boat Trip

King Sezar Boat Trip is a perfect gateway to the paradisiacal sceneries of Marmaris in company with an ultimate service from beginning to end.

For nearly 7 hours on the surface of Mediterranean Sea, while you are satisfying your sense of aesthetic by viewing the astonishing hybrid of the green and blue, you will be able to mix to the crystal water, sip your drink and have an appetizing BBQ lunch.

Moreover, there will be always energetic rhythms of songs, laughter, fun, happiness and fresh air with you! Especially if you decide to join us as a couple, a group of friends or family, you will be able to multiply the joy thanks to being with the beloved ones. If you are a solo traveler, though, we are sure you will have new friends on the deck during the cruise!

If you are already excited about joining in our boat trip, you should keep reading to learn about the entire program in details. With that, you will get totally convinced at the end!

  • Adults:£20
  • Children (4-12):£14
  • Infants (0-3):£0

Tur Days: Every Day

Tour Start Time: 10:00

Tour Ending Time: 16:30

Paradise Island

Aquarium Bay

Phosphprus Cave

Amos Bay


Hotel Transfer Service (from/to your hotel in Marmaris)

Lunch (grilled chicken, fresh salad and rice/pasta)

Drinks (Fanta, cola, Sprite, water, ice tea, fruit juice, energy drink, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, beer, wine, gin, vodka, raki, brandy, whiskey, cocktails and fishbowls)



Other Drinks

Personal Expenses

Get Prepared for Marmaris King Sezar Boat Trip

Before sharing the details about the route of tour, we would like to give some information about how to prepare your bag perfectly before being picked up by us.

First of all, you should definitely bring your hat, sunglasses and sun cream with you in order to avoid the harmful effects of the sun.

Secondly, you should also bring your swimsuit and towel to enjoy the swimming sessions perfectly.

And lastly, we highly recommend you to charge your camera and phone up, since you will surely want to record every minute on the deck!

The Start

To start our boat trip officially, we will pick you up from your hotel that you stay in Marmaris by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle in the morning. Then, we will drive until we get to the harbor from which our boat will depart.

The Boat

In the harbor, you will be welcomed warmly by our friendly and sincere team members and led to the boat. At that moment, you will get fascinated since our boat will be greeting you with its exclusive features.

It is not only safe, hygienic and huge, but also it is very luxurious with its sunbeds (the top floor), tables and chairs, bar, toilets, showers and Wi-Fi! Thus, this voyage will be high-class one!

After everyone is ready, we will sail to the first swimming stop on the route of our Marmaris King Sezar Boat Trip.

Paradise Island

The first swimming stop will be Paradise Island, and it will be a very good start with its crystal clear and unpolluted waters and peaceful atmosphere.

While you are swimming, diving and playing in the sea, you will also have a chance to observe the scene which combines the best tones of the green.

Of course, you might also prefer to stay aboard to sunbathe, order a drink such as Fanta, cola, Sprite, water, ice tea, fruit juice, energy drink, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, beer, wine, gin, vodka, raki, brandy, whiskey, cocktails and fishbowls (without any charge), and to enjoy listening the music!

Aquarium Bay

After everyone is on the deck again, we will sail to the next stop: Aquarium Bay.

As soon as we get there, you will understand why it is called “aquarium” thanks to its unpolluted waters in which the smooth transition of the blue color can be observed. As well as being pure, the water is also fresh and capable of reviving your body.

The Lunch

Around noon, we will make our Marmaris King Sezar Boat Trip more delightful by serving a delicious lunch with grilled chicken, fresh salad and rice or pasta. After filling our stomachs and energy bars, we will be ready to go again.

Fish Bay

Next, we will visit Fish Bay and again, we will enjoy either swimming or sunbathing. No matter which of them you select, you will be satisfied to the fullest.

Kumlubuk Bay

Our trip will continue with a visit of Kumlubuk Bay which is surrounded by breathtaking forests, glass-like waters and twisty shores.

This magnetic place will invite you to enjoy every inch of it by swimming, observing and taking photos, and we are sure that if you reject it, you will regret later!

Phosphorus Cave

The last stop of our King Sezar Boat Trip will be Phosphorus Cave which is quite famous for having a unique type of rock that glows at night.

Also, it is a cave that is located at the middle of the sea bizarrely, and only small boats can enter it. We will get closer to its entrance as much as possible and let you experience this breathtaking swimming session.

The End

When the program ends, we will get back to the harbor. Then, you will say goodbye to our crew and get on our vehicle that waits for picking you up and taking you to your hotel. Upon the arrival, our trip will end successfully.


4.95 based on 30 reviews
July 27, 2020

Hi.. we went to the best swimming spots in Marmaris with our amazing boat and people. The deck was not crowded and everyone cared the social distacing rules. Drinks and foods were delicious and clean. Crew was quite friendly. Thanks for eveything guys!

August 15, 2020

We’re glad that you enjoyed our tour! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

July 7, 2020

It was a well-arranged route, friendly crew and grand boat. Drinking whatever I want during the trip was amazing. And having a WiFi connection is such a good idea guys, I have never seen another trip like that… Thanks fr your ultimate service and hosting us perfectly. Such a fun time!

August 15, 2020

We’re glad that you enjoyed our tour! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

June 20, 2020

All of the places that we visited were amazing but the best thing about this boat trip is the boat itself!!! Having a wifi connection is such a bless… I have a photoblog and freshly shared lovely photos of Marmaris on aboard… Thanks for being friendly and proffessional!

August 15, 2020

We’re glad that you enjoyed our tour! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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