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Marmaris Flyboard

Marmaris Flyboard
Adults: £35.00
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Marmaris Flyboard

For the last couple of years, one of the most preffered water sports is Flyboard. You may have come across people flying over the water in touristic spots. Flyboard is the gadget’s  name those people use. You might want to experience this adrenaline-filled activity during your stay in Marmaris. Let’s talk about details.


Invented by Frank Zabata in 2012, this gadget has become very popular in a very short time period. The inventor of this gadget is an engineer and a lover of jet-ski. So, it was probably his destiny to invent flyboard. Getting airborne and raising 30-40 meters up thanks to the big pressure exerted on the surface of the water, flyboard is one of the most popular water sports on Aegean Beaches. If you are in Marmaris, you should definitely try it.

Marmaris Flyboard Prices

Pricing is dependent on duration and the quality of the gear. For a 15 minute Flyboard ride, you pay 40 pounds. It is worth it for a fun like this.

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