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Marmaris Moonlight Cruise

Marmaris Moonlight Cruise Tour
Adults: £6.00
Children (7-12): £3.00
Infants (0-6): £0.00
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Marmaris Moonlight Cruise 

Marmaris Moonlight Cruise  – After a long hot day on the beach doing the usual and relaxing, as the light of day slowly fades away, you may want to go somewhere to “cool off” and let your mind go blank. Well, where could that somewhere be? A walk in the harbour, perhaps to Turkish Bath for a massage, well thats too classic everyone does it, isn’t it getting a little boring now? How about a nice dinner in the middle of the sea under the moonlight on a fancy cruise ship? Yeah it sounds good you might say, then you’ll ask “well, what makes this activity different from the others?”. Let me explain.

First of all you are welcomed aboard by a loving and caring crew, ready to make your night one you’ll never forget. The night is full of attractions which will guarantee you not to get bored at any moment whatsoever, from dinner which is crafted with ingenuity and rich in flavour in every bite you take, to having a few drinks while watching an oriental belly dance show full of vibrant colours and lively music, which is sure to take your mind of things, to having a party where you are free to dance and express your emotions for music or simply just sit back and relax, or if your not interested in doing so you could simply just sit on the deck, have a quiet moment with yourself or your loved ones in a tranquil atmosphere as you look up at the night sky and get an opportunity to truly appreciate mother nature in all her beauty.

Marmaris Moonlight Cruise – Lets get into the specs shall we?

The voyage out to the open sea will start at approximately 7:30pm and will come to land at 11:30pm which brings the duration around to 4 hours. The ship has upper and lower decks with all essential facilities needed to cater to your needs. Entertainment consists of an oriental belly dance show, a party and great music!

The bar houses a superb collection of sparking wines, cocktails and champagnes or anything to suit your taste. After dinner the Dj’s will put up a soothing show to ease off your senses after the exuberant belly dance show. Your ticket includes the following; dinner, drinks and transport from the hotel you reside in to the ship, and back. They also have fantastic deals for children too, so keep that in mind!

Technical points

Ticket includes;

  • Transport to and from the cruise ship.
  • Dinner and drinks


Important points:

  • Duration: 7:30pm till 11:30pm (4 hours)
  • Children under the age of 6 are free of charge
  • Children of ages between 7 and 12 years old are obliged to half price


Have a Good Evening!


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