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Peeling with a special washcloth kese

Foam massage with natural handmade soap

Relaxing oil massage

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The sphere of recovery is certainly a priority among all modern premium services.

Indeed, there is nothing more important than good health, which serves as the foundation of overall well-being and ensures all further successes and prosperity. That is why, in everything that concerns issues of well-being, it is necessary to choose the best quality from the whole range of opportunities to restore, improve and maintain the body’s functions in an ideal condition.

All these goals are perfectly matched by the traditional Ottoman sauna procedure.

Ottoman Turkish Bath (Hamam) in Marmaris

The main condition for the realization of this healing ritual is a specially constructed for this procedure a separately constructed building, with properly planned internal premises and necessarily with a dome traditionally decorated with colorful stained-glass windows.

Building and finishing materials must be of exceptional quality to ensure the necessary conditions for achieving maximum health benefits for visitors and the impact on them of ancient secrets of rejuvenation.

The Ottoman Hammam is a long-term wellness practice, the high efficiency of which has been tested for centuries, and thanks to its enormous therapeutic potential recognized by the official science of modern healthcare. Today, this historical ritual of ablution is reproduced in full and exact accordance with the established order of conduct from its very beginning.

It is very important to observe strict periodicity of actions, so that a revival of physical and mental forces is achieved. For this tradition has preserved to this day a certain sequence.

The first stage is the impregnation of the body with eucalyptus steam, which opens the pores, preparing the skin for the subsequent beneficial effects and cleans the entire respiratory system.

Then, deep heating with curative marble heat, lying relaxed on the polished surface of valuable healing marble, heated to +60 degrees Celsius. For this purpose, live fire and high quality ecological wood are used.

The next stage is massages, which are carried out individually for each visitor by a personal experienced bath attendant. First, a toning up vigorous massage with the help of a scrub peeling, carried out with a special mitten “kitty” made from a special mixture of natural silk fibers and a structural material made from horse hair. In the process of this cleansing technique, without damage to the skin surface, all the obsolete is best exfoliated from the upper layer, cell respiration, subcutaneous microcirculation improves and intensive nutrition of the skin tissues from the inside occurs, thereby achieving an amazing visible rejuvenation effect.

Further, to consolidate this result, a relaxing massage with fluffy air foam is made of exclusive natural handmade soap made by masters according to an ancient recipe, kept in secret. The technique of foam massage is also special and requires high qualification of the bath attendants, therefore the procedures in the Ottoman hamam are so effective. This action will give you truly delightful sensations and complete bliss!

Then, in a different room, a massage is carried out using fresh olive oil obtained by cold pressing technology, preserving all the medicinal properties of ripe olive tree fruit, for external nutrition, regeneration and skin protection. After that, your renewed skin is fully prepared for beach rest, even tan under the hot southern sun and swimming in salty sea waves. That is why, it is absolutely necessary to start a proper holiday, and taking care of you, we recommend that you visit the Ottoman hammam on the first days of your vacation.

Give yourself this incredible pleasure, and we will gladly organize it for you! Trust professionals whose status as top-level specialists is repeatedly confirmed in practice and guarantees the maximum result for your pleasure. You have nothing to worry about, the experience of age-old traditions combined with modern standards of hygiene requirements, will provide you with the best health effect, a feeling of a young body and a wonderful mood.

In aggregate, these important factors will ensure the optimal start of your holiday in Marmaris – the best resort in Turkey!

Ottoman Turkish Bath – It is necessary to take with you:

• Swimsuit
• Slippers
• Money for personal expenses
• Pareo

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