Marmaris Private Turkish Bath

Our Marmaris Private Turkish Bath is the best option amongst all Turkish Bath sessions in Marmaris by providing longer durations in every step of the classic Turkish Hammam session.

In other words, by joining in our exclusive Turkish Bath, you will have benefitted from the advantages and satisfaction of Turkish Bath more efficiently.

We assure that after leaving the hammam, you will be feeingl as light as a piece of cotton thanks to the special treatment that is provided by the professional and licensed staff of the facility.

Thus, if you want to get rid of the stress, tiredness and the toxins of your body, you should be our guest and have that privilege!

If you are interested in joining in Marmaris Private Turkish Bath, let us give you the information that you need. At the end, you will be even more convinced!

  • Adults:£18
  • Children (7-12):£9
  • Infants (0-6):£0

Tour Days: Everyday

Tour Start Time: Anytime

Tour Duration: Apx. 1 Hours

  • Please note that all of our tours and activities include free pickup and drop off services for all participants. As such, collecting all participants might sometimes take longer than expected causing delays regarding the start and end of our tours. We kindly request all participants be ready for pickup and drop off by the shuttle service in the time frame specified here. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Hotel Transfer Service (from/to your hotel in Marmaris)
  • Equipment
  • Access to the Hot-Air Room
  • Foam Massage (20 mins)
  • Scrubbing (20 mins)
  • Oil Massage (30 mins)
  • Personal Expenses
  • Face Mask
  • Drinks
  • You can pay in personal on your arrival. Credit card informations are not required when you are booking.
  • Tour programs and prices may change without prior notice.

Get Prepared for Marmaris Private Turkish Bath

Before getting into the details of the program, we would like to share information that you should consider before booking this spectacular experience.

  • Since the place will be hot and full of steam, if you have a health related issue such as asthma, you should ask advice from your doctor about joining in this session.
  • Also, you should bring your swimsuit and camera to enjoy the session to the fullest!

The Start

To start our Turkish Bath program officially, we will pick you up from your hotel in Marmaris by our fully-equipped, comfortable and modern vehicle at the pre-scheduled hour. After a short drive, we will get to the facility, in other words, the hammam.

The Facility

When we get there, you will be welcomed warmly by the professional staff of our Marmaris Private Turkish Bath. Then, you will be led to the changing room by them where you will wear your swimsuit and put your belongings in a private locker. Then, when you are ready, you will enter the hot-air room.

Hot-Air Room (20 Minutes)

Hot-air room which resembles a sauna will be where Marmaris Private Turkish Bath session starts actively. Simply, you will sit in that hot, marble room and let the steam enlarge the pores on your skin and soften your skin.

This section is made to prepare your body fully to the next steps; and you will understand why at the following step.

Scrubbing (20 Minutes)

When 20 minutes are spent, the next step will begin. The professional and licensed masseuse will enter the room and start rubbing your body delicately with a special mitten called “kese” which is made of natural fibers.

This scrubbing part is done to get rid of the dead layers of your skin and make it smoother, cleaner and softer. Also, the masseuse will pour some warm water on your body while scrubbing it to make you feel more relaxed.

Foam Massage (20 Minutes)

Then, one of the best parts will start: The foam massage. During this session, you will lie down on your belly on the heated marble platform and the masseuse will massage your body which is under a mass of soap foam.

As a note here, the soap also will be natural; more specifically, it will be a natural olive soap that is famous for its benefits to skin and health. While you are breathing delightful scents in the air, you will feel you are getting away from the uproar of the stressful life!

Oil Massage (40 Minutes)

Next, you will enter another room where the perfection of Turkish Bath will begin. During full 40 minutes, you will be massaged and various types of natural oils will be used in this session to relax you both physically and mentally.

Yes, it means you will feel like a brand-new person at the end; therefore, we recommend you to enjoy every second of it by feeling the smooth touches on your skin!

The End

When everything ends, you will get dressed, say goodbye to the staff, leave the Turkish hammam and get on our vehicle that waits for picking you up and taking to your hotel. Upon the arrival, our private turkish bath will end successfully.


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