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Saklıkent, Tlos, Yakapark Tour From Fethiye

Adults: £13.00
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Fethiye is a fantastic place to visit or vacation in Turkey for its wonderful and emblematic locations perfect to admire with a loved one. This article will delve into the beautiful landscapes and scenarios where you will have an unparalleled adventure with your loved one. In this way, perhaps a spark will light inside you that will impel you to vacation to a great adventure in Turkey.

A Yakapark tour is something we highly recommend you take advantage of, to fully enjoy the wonders that Turkey has to offer, It’s a hard road to go on, but all your worries will dissipate when you arrive, and you can enjoy the tour, a kind of daily tour that is done that’s starts with Saklikent Gorge, the ancient ruins of the city Tlos, to finish in Yakapark. A place for which it is an authentic tourist paradise with its natural water park, restaurants, merchandise stores, among others.

What really awaits you? We will avoid telling you everything to save you and your loved one some surprises. They will take a tour of the ancient ruins of Tlos, a city that in its time was impressive and beautiful to see. It is located on top of a hill, overlooking the absolutely gorgeous Xanthos Valley one of the oldest and largest settlements of Lycia. Explore every aspect of what was a city with impressive architecture, with a historical and cultural heritage for Turkey. It’s a quick tour of ninety minutes that does not feel eternal at all.

Saklikent will take your breath away, it is known as “Hidden Valley” or “The Lost City” is a valley through which cold water flows, and has the gorge that is considered by scholars as the second largest gorge in all of Europe. You will not have to wait long because if you want to enjoy it to the fullest you can take a dip in its very cold waters.

If the cold water is not to your liking you can lie down in the surroundings while you fan and drink a delicious tea, although a beer would not fall badly, you can also continue touring with a guide throughout the valley. It will take you a considerable time to visit the approximately 16 caves whose origins date all the way back to the Roman era were it were used mostly as places of refuge.

You will rest when you reach Yakapark, a place that is a park and also a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy yourself, you can eat and enjoy the local cuisine, and of course, you can not miss the delicious local Turkish beer. After eating or depending on your need and the one of your loved one, you can walk around and see how beautiful the surroundings are, how wonderful the surroundings are, and of course, see the animals of the area, hear the nearby water flowing, and seeing all the people coming and going. Do not wait any longer to make your reservation and undertake what will be a great adventure not only for you but also for your loved one.

Tour Details

Saklıkent – Tlos – Yakapark

Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.


  • Guide
  • Transfer
  • Open buffet lunch


  • Saklıkent Gorge and Tloss Ancient City entry fee (5 TL each place)

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