Fethiye Excursions 2020 – Daily Excursions in Fethiye

Fethiye Sunset Cruise

  • An Evening Cruise
  • Comfortable and Elegant Boat
  • Amazing Atmosphere
  • Tasty Dinner
  • Free Hotel Transfer

Fethiye Rafting Tour

  • Breathtaking experience on River!
  • Different levels
  • Full insurance
  • Free hotel transfer service

Fethiye Turkish Night

  • Impressive traditional dances
  • Dance competitions for the guests!
  • Free dinner & local drinks
  • Free hotel transfer service

Fethiye Turkish Bath

  • A relaxing experience
  • Foam & oil massage
  • Sauna
  • Free hotel transfer service

Fethiye Waterpark

  • Family/child-friendly activity
  • Full Insurance
  • Amazing slides & pools
  • Free hotel transfer service

Fethiye Paragliding

  • Training Service
  • All Equipments
  • All Entrance Fees
  • Free pickup and drop off & Fully Insured

12 Islands Daily Boat Trip – Fethiye Boat Trip

  • Different Bays & Shores
  • Perfect Swimming Breaks
  • The BBQ Lunch
  • Free Transfer Service

Fethiye Pamukkale Tour

  • Free Transfer Service
  • The Buffet Breakfast
  • Free Entrance to Pamukkale & Hierapolis
  • The Professional Guidance

Fethiye Ephesus and Pamukkale Tour

  • Free Transfer Service
  • The Buffet Breakfast
  • Free Entrance to Ephesus
  • The Professional Guidance

Fethiye Rhodes Tour

  • No need to deal with the process
  • Free time in Rhodes
  • Insurance
  • Free hotel transfer service

Fethiye Jeep Safari

  • An amazing off-road adventure
  • Lovely natural sceneries
  • A tasty lunch
  • Free hotel transfer service

Fethiye Dalyan Tour

  • Free Transfer Service
  • Professional Guidance
  • Open Buffet Lunch
  • Joyful Mud Bath Session

Fethiye Diving Tour

  • Free Transfer Service
  • Instruction & Training
  • A Breathtaking Journey Under the Water
  • The Equipment

Fethiye Saklikent Tour

  • Free Transfer Service
  • Professional Guidance
  • Open Buffet Lunch
  • Walking in Nature

Oludeniz Boat Trip

  • Free Transfer Service
  • Professional Guidance
  • Spectacular Swimming Breaks
  • The Lunch on the Deck

Fethiye Horse Riding

  • Different Types of Horse Safaris
  • Delightful Landscape
  • On-Horseback Adventure
  • Training & Instructions

Joining in Fethiye excursions is a very good idea if you are willing to ornament your days in Fethiye. Instead of jailing yourself by staying in your hotel room during the entire time of your holiday in Fethiye, you should enjoy the unique beauties of it with the help of Fethiye excursions.

Fethiye excursions are various and one of them can be easily your favorite. To make it real, of course, you should know some general information about your options first. If you do not know any, you are lucky that we will provide you with related information. By reading the following paragraphs, you will be able to choose one or many of our Fethiye excursions which appeal to your interests the most.

Fethiye Boat Trips

In the whole chart of Fethiye excursions, the slice of Fethiye boat trips is the biggest. Since the priority of many of the tourists in Fethiye is to swim in the best spots of Fethiye, they prefer to sign up for Fethiye boat trips which take them to the unique bays and coasts. If you are one of them, you can view different types of boat trips and make your mind.

  • For example, you can join in 12 Islands Daily Boat Trip, one of the most popular Fethiye excursions for both foreign and local tourists, and unite lovely Fethiye with beautiful islands of Greece. Benefitting from the close distance between them, Aegean Sea offers you a chance to enjoy this neighbourliness.
  • Secondly, you can join in Oludeniz Boat Trip, a true classic amongst all Fethiye excursions. If you ask where you should go in Fethiye to travelers who have once traveled to Fethiye, the answer will be Oludeniz; and with this tour, not only you will visit it, but also you will benefit from an exclusive service on the deck!
  • Lastly, you can participate in Fethiye Dalyan Tour, and be able to observe the natural beauties which surround Fethiye, such as Dalyan River and Iztuzu Beach. In other words, the most outstanding places of Mugla will unite in this tour.

To sum up, we recommend you to enjoy sailing by participating in “floating” Fethiye excursions which are also known as Fethiye boat trips.

Thrilling Fethiye Excursions

Fethiye excursions can give you what you need if you are an adrenaline addict. In the lands and waters of Fethiye, you can enjoy thrilling activities and make your vacation in Fethiye unforgettable. If you wonder how, we will share some detailed examples and you will be able to choose one –or many of them.

  • If you would like to conquer the valuable lands of Fethiye, you can enjoy Fethiye Jeep Safari or Fethiye Horse Safari. Different types of adventures, yet, both of them are capable of giving you precious moments by being Fethiye excursions with thrilling features.
  • As another option, you can enjoy diving in Fethiye. In the depths of dark blue sea, you will be able to observe the life underwater which is decorated with colorful fishes, corals, delicate seashells and more. This exploration will definitely blow your mind!
  • Lastly, we would like to mention Fethiye Paragliding one of the most exciting Fethiye excursions in which only the bravest ones can participate! During this tour, you will glide in the sky smoothly with a professional pilot/instructor. In other words, you will be flying over Fethiye and be able to observe the matchless beauties of Fethiye such as Oludeniz!

Fethiye Excursions from Fethiye to Other Places

In Fethiye, you can observe the magnificent art of Mother Nature by participating in Fethiye excursions. If you join in Fethiye Saklikent Tour, for instance, you will see where ice-cold waters of the longest canyon in Europe meet the shades of green. And we are sure that this experience will be an everlasting memory in your mind.

Yet, sometimes we do search for a change due to the boredom, or desire of collecting brand-new memories; and you might do it as well during your vacation in Fethiye. It is totally normal: indeed, Fethiye excursions from Fethiye to other places are arranged because of this possibility. If you want to add something new to your Fethiye vacation, you have impressive options in this section.

  • For example, if you sign up for our Fethiye Pamukkale Tour, you will be able to visit one of the most popular and unique places in Turkey, Pamukkale, with its white mountain (not due to the snow!), travertines and natural thermal waters. Moreover, an ancient city called Hierapolis (Holy City) and an ancient pool called Cleopatra Pool are located at the peak of it, and you will be able to see them, too!
  • As another option, you might prefer to join in our 2-day Fethiye Ephesus and Pamukkale Tour to visit both Pamukkale and a breathtaking ancient site, the Ancient City of Ephesus. Pamukkale is the “cotton castle” that we have mentioned above, and Ephesus is famous for standing still for centuries nearly as a whole and reflecting the characteristic texture of architectural style of Romans and Byzantines. Especially if you are into history, mythology and ancient remains and if you are a true nature admirer, you will adore every second of this tour, doubtlessly.
  • One of the most unique Fethiye excursions, thanks to our Fethiye Rhodes Tour, you can even leave the boundaries of Republic of Turkey, and sail to the biggest one of Dodecanese Islands of Greece, Rhodes Island. The best thing about this tour is that we will not waste time during the voyage: High-speed ferries will take there as quick as possible! Then, you will be able to swim, sunbathe, walk around, visit historical places of Rhodes and shop: You are totally free while making Rhodes unforgettable!

As Marmaris Travel Agency family, we offer exclusive Fethiye excursions options to help you with decorating your hours, days or weeks in Fethiye, and we assure you that you will receive a professional service from beginning to end in each of them. If you decide which one is your favorite, you can easily book it online. Also, for further questions, you can contact us without hesitation: we will gladly help you.