Marmaris Airport Transfers From Dalaman 2020

Marmaris airport transfers can help the ones who plan to have a nice holiday in this lovely town. As in all years until now, travelers try to arrive as easy, cheap, comfortable and fast as possible, especially when summer comes. Of course, there are a number of ways to do it. In the following paragraphs, all of them will be mentioned. That being said, a general information about Marmaris and the ways to arrive there is due for a comprehensive article.

1-3 People Price: £ 30 (More Than 3 People Price: £ 35)

*You can pay as GBP, USD, EUR, TL based on the daily exchange rate.

Amenities: Mercedes Vito Mini Van, Free Wi-Fi, Insurance

The distance between Dalaman Airport and Marmaris city centre is only 90 minutes by private transfer. But the trip takes 3 to 4 hours by bus.

Easy Marmaris Airport Transfer Reservation

Marmaris Airport Transfers 2020 - Dalaman Airport Transfers to Marmaris

If you decide to travel to Marmaris, then you can start making plans.

Firstly, you will need to pick the most suitable airline. To be able to do that, you should know the nearest airport to Marmaris to reach there as quickly as possible.

Well, if you have no other place to visit in Turkey and want to go to Marmaris directly, you should fly to Dalaman Airport.

There is an 88-kilometre-distance from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris.

The possible answers to the question “how to get to Marmaris from Dalaman Airport?” are detailed below.

How to Get to Marmaris from Dalaman Airport?

There are multiple ways to go from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris:

  1. Havas
  2. Muttas
  3. Private airport transfer

Step by step, pros and cons of these options will be examined, and you can freely choose one of them to make your dream holiday real.

Havas (Havaş)

Havas, known as “Havalimanı Servisi” in Turkish (Airport Shuttle Service), is some kind of public transportation service that allows you to have a round-trip from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris or Marmaris to Dalaman Airport.

On this route, there are many stops, and when you get on the bus, you should let the driver know where you will get off. Yet, still, you cannot get off anywhere you want, it must be on the specified stops.

Ortaca, Koycegiz, Gokova are the stops on the route. Checking the time table, stops and fees (usually around 30 liras), you can use this system.

It is a cheap service; yet, unfortunately, it does not provide comfort or speed. First of all, especially in summer, Havas is full of people and their baggage.

When you combine the high degrees and crowd, you can easily guess that the (at least) 150 minute journey will be very challenging to bear. Also, generally it is claimed that Havas extends the duration because of carrying many people; and this, of course, will affect your arrival time.

Thus, if time and comfort are more important than the price for you especially after a long flight, it is not recommended for you.


This is the public transportation provided by the local government which departs from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris; and this destination costs around 30 Turkish Liras just as Havas does.

This service provides you a seat as the rest of the bus, and the staff learns where you want to get off. At the end, they start to drop everyone on the route.

However, the system may cause problems when it is crowded, because there will be a lot of stops. Also, because departing time of MUTTAS depend on the landing time of planes in the Dalaman Airport.

If there is a delay in your flight, your bus will be not there and you will have to wait for others, or you will even use other options such as a taxi, which will be very expensive.

Thus, if you do not want any risks, you should select a better option which will allow you to use when you want.

Marmaris Airport Transfer is The Best Option

Marmaris airport transfer is the best option comparing to others; since it provides comfort and speed, and more importantly, a personal space.

The system, briefly, is about picking you up from Marmaris Airport and bring to your hotel in Marmaris. With a nice, large, modern(working AC etc.) and comfortable car, we will (individually or as a group) take you from the airport without the stress of waiting for a bus or thinking about if you are late or not: Our Marmaris airport transfers depend on your time table.

What you simply need to do is to book your private transfer (choose date and time) on, and your driver will be waiting for you before your plane lands. If there are delays with your flight, no extra charge will be applied.

Benefits of Marmaris Airport Transfer

There are lots of complaints about public transportation from Dalaman to Marmaris. With Marmaris airport transfer, you will not have to deal with any of them.

Marmaris airport transfer is fast

The distance between the airport and Marmaris which is 90 kilometers takes only 90 minutes.

If you think that is all normal, you should see complaints about the duration of public transportations from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris; people talk about 3-hour travels!

Marmaris airport transfer is comfortable

Your baggage is not a toast in the trunk of a bus, among many other suitcases, and you do not need to worry about your belongings; they are all safe.

At the same time, you are safe and sound, and also very comfortable in the car. During summer, the air conditioner will be working to cool you off.

Also, there are no people but you, the ones you love and our professional driver, thus, there will be no problem as being in the middle of strangers.

Private transfer is practical

Yes, all “Dalaman Airport to Marmaris” types of transportations will bring you to center of Marmaris; but what if your hotel is not that close to the stop? After getting off of the bus, you may have to walk despite of the exhaustion, or pay for another vehicle. In our airport transfer service, you will not have to think about it; since you will reach your hotel in Marmaris.

To sum up, it is very clear that airport transfer from Dalaman airport is the best option to start your beautiful holiday in Marmaris.

Features of Private Airport Transfers

  • The vehicle which will be used to pick you up is a Mercedes Vito Mini Van.
  • In the car, (free) Wi-Fi is provided.
  • All guests will have an insurance.
  • You can pay as GBP, USD, EUR, TL based on the daily exchange rate.
  • You can book it online.

In a nutshell, before enjoying the amazing beaches and bays of Marmaris, make a good start and have the best Marmaris airport transfers from us. This comfortable start will multiply the satisfaction of your future experiences here. For further questions, you can always contact us, too.