Marmaris Travel Guide


General Information About Marmaris

Marmaris Travel Guide 

Marmaris is referred to as the gem of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, and deemed to be the ultimate resort for vacationers seeking the perfect getaway location whilst experiencing and enjoying the native hospitality, cafes, night clubs and bars. Marmaris offers incredible value holidays throughout the season with no shortage of enjoyable stuff to occupy visitors who chose this unique holiday town as their getaway destination.

Why visit Marmaris?

Marmaris is known as a multicultural resort town with tons of fantastic locations where you could enjoy a wide variety of water sports, hone your bargaining skills at the vibrant bazaar, plus a terrific nightlife. Holidays in Marmaris are popular with couples, families and groups that enjoy the colourful life on the Turkish Riviera. Marmaris is around an hour drive from the international airport in Dalaman, that can be quickly reached by flights from big cities all over the world. This amazing holiday town is full of turquois waters and beautiful light sand beaches. You’ll find plenty of activities to do and locations to discover while you are in Marmaris.

Things to do in Marmaris

The most effective and fascinating ways to discover the stunning city of Marmaris is by offroad. There are numerous safari tours which takes you to discover many of the spectacular landscapes from most tourist attractions. Following your exploration of the Marmaris Castle or enjoying the beach, get ready for a traditional bath in a Turkish Hamam. Marmaris Beach is essential if you are intending to visit Marmaris. The shores offer astounding sights of the hills all around the town. It is a great spot for snorkeling and swimming for newbies and pros alike. You may also consider getting a private yacht along with full crew aboard to make and serve you delightful traditional Turkish meals during your cruise. Go on a trip to the astonishing island of Rhodes via ferry boats. İt really is an incredible traveler-destination to spend the whole day whilst admiring a number of intriguing ancient sites. Yet another excellent location worth seeing will be the Caunos in which you’ll discover ruins of the historical city and treated to the renowned Turkish bath that is perfect for the pores and skin. Food enthusiasts won’t experience any problems with meals during their stay in Marmaris. There are many restaurants providing both regional and foreign cuisines. Additionally, there are a multitude of exotic wines that is really worth tasting. Marmaris truly is an exceptional holiday destination for food aficionados. Marmaris holidays present you with a lively night clubs with anything from live music to karaoke nights. Most of the night clubs and bars in Marmaris are typically open until 4 am in the morning. If you’ve still got a bit of energy left after much fun in the club, you may wish to keep on with the fun on a boat until dawn. Couples can consider taking a moonlight cruise in which you get the chance to spend quality time with each other while drinking and dancing underneath the stars. You will find a great number of places to stay in Marmaris where you’ll be able to relax and relieve stress. Regardless if you are considering having a party-filled trip with a band of buddies or perhaps searching for some daring water sport activities, going to Marmaris for vacation will never be lacking fun.

Water Sports in Marmaris

As a shore town and a holiday resort, you will find a wide variety of water sports in Marmaris. Feel free to check our tours & blog sections for more information.


Marmaris Water Sports

Can anyone think of a summer vacation with no fun and excitement on water? You will find that the wide variety of water sports in Marmaris is absolutely incredible. The shoreline of Marmaris is perfect for having a wonderful time on water. Kite surfing, wind surfing, diving, parasailing, wakeboarding, and canoeing are just a small part of the huge list of watersports you can experience in Marmaris. Marmaris Water Sports specialists are effectively trained and licensed. On the subject of water-sports, safe practices have the utmost priority, and they are regulated by the government. All waters sport facilities in Turkey must be registered, and they are investigated frequently. You can contact us for reservations with regards to the water-sports activities you would like to participate in.

Culture and History


One important thing you will understand as soon as you visit Turkey is that part of the Turkish culture involves being very sociable. Turks love meeting new people and spending hours conversing with a complete stranger. Visitors who come from reserved nations will certainly be amazed by the warm and friendly nature demonstrated to everybody. You will experience the same in Marmaris.


The definitive foundation date of Marmaris is not known, but Physkos, Marmaris’s former name, was a part of the Carian Empire in the 6th century B.C. when Lydians invaded it. Lydians, having invaded Physkos in 334 B.C., parted it from the Roman Empire of Alexander the Great. According to a local legend, Sultan Suleyman disfavored the castle and cried out “Mimari as!,” which translates into “Hang the architect!,” and his words shaped into Marmaris in time, though there isn’t any evidence that backs up this interesting story.


Marmaris has a spectacular landscape of mountains full of pines, remote coves, pine-covered peaks, and quiet shores, some of which can only be reached by sea. The general inaccessibility of the westward coastline of Marmaris seems to be the primary reason why this beautiful coast-town was able to ward off expansion and overpopulation, allowing the landscape to be preserved.

Nightlife in Marmaris

So, what’s the reason we go on vacations, could it be to see new ethnicities, relax and enjoy sunlight or to visit renowned ancient monuments and tourist attractions? It could be any ot these really yet one of the most popular causes people go on vacation is to have fun with the nightlife they are able to go wild for some time. And that is not usually going to the night clubs and bars or vacations for the younger individuals. Everyone can experience the Turkish nightlife granted having a drink with pals is part of that, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Nightclubs in Marmaris

Marmais is one of the best places that come to mind when we consider the Turkish nightlife. Marmaris is located on the Turkish shoreline and it contains everything with regards to the Turkish nightlife. Favored by vacationers and residents alike, you will find nearly every street as a selection of night clubs and restaurants serving a variety of consumers in Marmaris. You’ll discover food selection offering the finest cuisines of the world. And the night clubs and pubs that serve an array of various interests.Additionally, there are a number of activities and themed nights that run throughout the night from Turkish dancing activities to drag shows. Most of the night clubs in Marmaris happen to be open until 2:00 AM, but it’s common to find several which are open until morning for those that like to stay awake until sunrise. Furthermore, you will find a range of sports pubs which have huge televisions displaying the major games. So, if you’re a fan of sports, you may desire to have a look.

The Bar Street

Bar Street is exactly what the name suggests, and is hidden right behind the restaurants by the shore. It’s a quite narrow street full of diverse night clubs that appeal to various music preferences. The price of beverages in the bars on the Bar Street are more expensive compared to what they probably will in most other bars in Marmaris, but they do provide free admittance, except if there’s a special party or themed night. The bars on the Bar Street are generally open until 4:00 AM.

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