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Marmaris Water Sports


Water Sports and Activities From Marmaris and Icmeler

Same tours are provided in Icmeler as well. Therefore, feel free to make reservations as if the tours below were Icmeler tours.

Water Sports in Marmaris

Marmaris is one of the most beautiful ports and resort towns in Turkey, and we’re willing to put the sights, local colour and activities of Marmaris up against any town in the world. It’s a place that anyone can enjoy, from couples to retired people looking for peace, from families looking for family size fun to adventurers looking for adrenaline. We are here for serving all those guests visiting Marmaris.

Explore the water sports in Marmaris and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Marmaris Parasailing

Mix the adrenaline of Marmaris water sports with the abilty to see the beautiful port from the sky. Our staff serve as both instructors and drivers for the boat. The minimum duration is 10 minutes but can be extended. Parasail solo or go with a partner at any time of day. We also include over 100 pictures of your experience. This is the closest any person can get to flying. We have a variety of routes that you can travel, each one with the ability to see the beautiful scenery.

Banana Boat

For a thrill you could try the famous Banana boat. One of the most well-known water sports for families and individuals alike. Try not to fall as the peaceful pace steadily starts bucking, taking waves and making sharp turns. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe, our staff is experienced, so make a bet to see who can fall off last! 

Speed Boating

We have a daily boat tour, which is an unmissable activity for those who have a passion. You can explore the destinations that suit you, whether your goal is relaxation or adventure you can have a satisfying journey and feel the sun and spray on your face. You can also use it as the way to get to all the other water sports we have on offer.

Marmaris Jet Ski

For the more adventurous travellers looking to explore the coastal strip you can get a hold of a jet ski. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced rider you should be able to find new experiences, challenge yourself and see the beautiful things in Marmaris. You can jet ski from 10 minutes to the full day and can go solo or with a companion, as long as you’re over 16.

Marmaris is a beautiful place and you can explore it in comfort and luxury. The locals are friendly, our staff are qualified and approachable, and the port has not only the above activities, but hundreds of little local gems for you to explore. You can build your own Marmaris water sports adventure, your way.