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Andromeda The Club

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Andromeda The Club is one of the best amazing places in Marmaris. The venue, which is the focus of local and foreign tourists and offers a great atmosphere with sound system, local and foreign DJ performances. It is very safe because there are private security officers at the entrance. There will be no any security problem, be sure. Andromeda The Club, where you can dance with your girlfriend or whoever you want. All alcoholic drinks are available. The prices are reasonable and the same with the other bars where in Barlar street.  After midnight you will not feel any discomfort in the crowded room. Despite having DJ performances every evening, you can often watch performances of famous local and foreign stars in the club. The club, which offers the most entertaining nightlife of the city, is located in a very wide area. Later in the day, you can also watch dance performances of talented dancers. The Andromeda nightclub is waiting for those who want to have fun and dance.

Marmaris Andromeda The Club

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Tepe Mah. 39. Sokak Barlar Sokağı No:119 Marmaris, Muğla
Telefon: 0532 336 10 34

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