Located in Marmaris Uzunyalı, Barbossa Cafe is designed with the thought that customers can feel themselves at home comfort. Marmaris Barbossa Cafe has a worthwhile service and quality tables with sea views. The dishes prepared and served in Barbossa cuisine consist of cultural meals such as Turkish cuisine and French cuisine.

Barbossa Café’s interior and exterior design is designed to not disturb customers. For this reason Barbossa Café has a spacious and bright atmosphere. Marmaris Barbossa Café is very important for your family as you will have a happy memory everywhere you will spend here. You can play dart game, backgammon in the cafe to enjoy.

What’s in Marmaris Barbossa Cafe ?

Marmaris Barbossa Café has a professional team and there are all kinds of food and drink in the restaurant. In order to increase customer satisfaction and to make you happy, you can enjoy the unique tastes that appeal to the world cuisine with the chefs who apply the quality standards. The services prepared by master chefs come to your desk with the visual art that reflects professionalism. Because every customer is very valuable for Marmaris Barbossa Cafe.

You can go to Barbossa Cafe as a family or with your children, married couples, groups of young and old friends, people who love modern life, collect the fruity of retirement, want to add color to their life, that is, those who love living shortly and enjoyable life. In addition, there are generally light music, such as jazz, classic-style music playing in Barbossa Cafe.