Budha Bar, known as the only address of live music in Marmaris, is the destination of entertainment. Marmaris Budha Bar, which is close to the sea, is the unique place for those who love to enjoy and joy with open space.

Unique  place of the street. Especially in the hot weather in the summer instead of staying indoors, open-air concert air to enjoy music is everyone’s favorite. There is a décor that invites people with a nice, flashy and attractive look.

What is in Marmaris Budha Bar?

Budha Bar, Marmaris’s most preferred live music bar, has plenty of entertainment, superb music, local and foreign songs, concerts, amusing environment, open air and quality service.

There is no reason to have summer or winter in the Budha Bar. Because the bar area is open all seasons. The vibrant atmosphere, closely and friendly waiters feel you comfortable. In Marmara Budha Bar, environment it is different to listen to music, to dance and to have a few beers, gin tonic, whiskey.

You can listen to rock, pop, foreign and Turkish music on Barlar Street, which can serve as a live club bar and appeal to different groups of entertainers. There are fruits and nuts for you alongside the drinks you buy. The most important feature is that the drinks are all original and quality. This feature is very important for bars and clubs. If you are looking for a lively, vibrant and wildly entertaining destination, Budha Bar is definitely a place you should go.