Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar is the only address for those who want to go to rock bar in Marmaris. It was established in 1992 and is still one of the most popular places. It is an important piece that many famous artists have performed in the past and today. And the decor and design are really suitable for rock style.

Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar has semi-closed area which continues to serve every month and every day of the year. The roof has been removed and the open air has been gained. The reason for this is to create comfort in warm weather.

What’s in the Davy Jones Rock Bar?

First of all, the prices at Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar are very reasonable. The working staff is always helpful and friendly. Business owners are also show an interest every customer. Satisfying the customers is among the priority services. Live music performances are exhibited on certain days.

The atmosphere at Marmaris Davy Jones Rock Bar is intimate and very beautiful. This place is the number one in the entertainment with the exciting music that can be called the rock music house. It is far from the noisy and disturbing music of Barlar Street. We can even say that everyone plans coming to the Rock Bar to come back. Because the pleasure of quality enjoyment at Davy Jones Rock Bar is also very different from other places.