Marmaris Dede Restaurant is located in the yacht harbor. The restaurant provide a perfect view from differetn angles. Fresh seafood dishes, Mediterranean, Turkish and European cuisine are served to make you feel special and happy. In addition, Marmaris Dede Restaurant serves vegetarian-friendly or gluten-free dining options according to the wishes of valued customers.

Why Marmaris Dede Restaurant ?

The yacht harbor has fresh fish, seafood and meat products for 12 months. Thanks to the open-air and closed-space option of the venue, the unique view of the scenery looks comfortable on both sides. Marmaris Dede Restaurant is very suitable for activities such as private meetings, crowded groups, romantic dinners. Furthermore, there is a baby chair for children and infants and a wheelchair accessible restaurant for the disabled. The restaurant is not only for breakfast, lunch, dinner, but also for evening entertainment.

Marmaris Dede restaurant also has a choice of all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Excellent service and delicious meals take place among à la carte restaurants. Dede Restaurant kitchen has created its own special cuisine by bringing together modern and authentic traditional cooking techniques. Not only the dishes but also the hot and cold mezes are always freshly prepared for the customers of the restaurant. Dede Restaurant keeps the customer satisfaction in the front plan, following the policy of good price and quality service in all meals and drinks.