Marmaris Dr Gelato is a charming place with easy access thanks to its location. For those who want to cool off in the hot air of Marmaris, Dr Gelato’s exclusive ice cream recipes are only for you. This mystery taste appeals to ice cream lovers.

Looking at the exterior of the place, someone can think of himself in wonderland. The outer appearance of Dr Gelato is really pretty. This kind of pleasure is due to the unique presentation of ice cream and sweets, both from the friendly owners and from the employees.


Why Marmaris Dr Gelato?

Gelato means ice cream in Italian. Dr Gelato ice creams are also made from fresh fruit, sugar and buckwheat. There is no preservative in the products. For this reason, you can enjoy real fruit every day with freshly made ice cream.

In addition, there is car park area in Marmaris Dr. Gelato cafe.

You can order coffee, Belgian waffles, burma kadayif, special Dr Gelato Italian ice cream, breakfast plate etc. The taste of the ice cream is extraordinary, DR. Gelato is placed in the front row on Marmaris’s list of favorite places.

Ideal for families and families with children. Gelato has a baby chair. Packet service is also available.