Marmaris Girit Restaurant  is an ideal place to have fun. In addition, the tables on the outdoor has spectecular sea view. When you are eating delicious dishes, the view will accompany with you. Actually Marmaris Girit Restaurant is a tavern and of course, alcoholic beverages must be in taverns. You should taste “rakı”.

Marmaris Girit Tavern is a decent operation for those who want to eat fish by listening to live music.

Why Marmaris Girit Restaurant ?

First of all, Girit Restaurant has friendly waiters, deliciosu food and fast service. The employees who are glad to see you. Customer satisfaction is based on your requests.

In Girit Restaurant, you can enjoy a wonderful combination of Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine, such as fish, octopus, shrimps, lentils, tomatoes, soups, meals and salads. Presentations prepared to plates create an impression of artistic painting.

The raki and fish pair, which are pub-based, are accompanied by live music sounds that enchant you. When you spend your time in Girit Meyhane you will experience moments that you will not forget.

In Girit Meyhane, which is open for 12 months of the year, you can book your place. All these services are within reasonable price ranges. Customer satisfaction is kept on the front panel for business owners.