The location of the Hacının Yeri is a central location but a bit far from the sea. It is an operation that gives importance to the quality of the service and the taste. The prices of Marmaris Hacının Yeri Restaurant are very reasonably priced.

The most well-known feature of this restaurant is that it serves without alcohol. For this reason, Hacının Yeri is a rare place that is known as a restaurant without a alcohol in Marmaris.

Marmaris Hacının Yeri Restaurant

What’s in Marmaris Hacının Yeri Restaurant?

The location of the Hacının Yeri is not like the seaside restaurants but a more natural and simple restaurant. Turkish food and menus are selected in the culture of the kind of food is offered in the restaurant. Hot soup varieties, permanent indulgence of Turkish food, which is at the beginning of our cultural cuisine, leaves a lasting taste with beans, rice, vegetable home dishes, kebab varieties, desserts, breakfast plates and soft drinks options.

Hacının Yeri is open all year, every day. Always there is a queue for food. However, the taste of the dishes is worth to wait. Moreover the prices are very reasonable, the quality of the dishes is very high.