Marmaris Hix Club is one of the most popular places in Marmaris. You immediately realize that you entered a very elite place at the first entrance of the venue. Even after entering you can say that even your walk is changing. Hix is ​​located at the seaside in Marmaris and has a great ambience. In this place, music is unique, they make great efforts to fulfill every wish of their guests with a large drink menu. One of the most distinguished Marmaris’ places you can find great food menus.

Hix, preferred by elite customers, does not accept customers without reservations. You certainly do not go without booking. Call +90 545 799 78 30 GSM number before you go or visit website.

This unique place that allows your orders to arrive at the table without delay even in busy times. It is definitely a place to be visited once during your holiday.

Marmaris Hix Club offers you a unique environment in which you can chat and enjoy with others  in a quality environment and you will get yourself in the rhythm of your inner music.