Sometimes it is good to enter the tavern mode to get away from the stress in hot weather. Opened as a family business in Marmaris, Kalabalık Meyhane is the ideal place to feel these thoughts and feelings. You will find old taverns on this place.

It is a bit different these days to have a tavern culture. In this place you can find both the old tavern atmosphere and the new generation atmosphere. Suitable for crowded groups and friends’ meetings. It is advisable to book in advance. You will not find the Kalabalık Meyhane in Marmaris elsewhere.

Marmaris Kalabalık Meyhane

What’s in Marmaris Kalabalık Meyhane?

Marmaris Kalabalık Meyhane that welcomes you at the door with the music of the Alaturka, allows you to get into the mood. Kalabalık Meyhan is small but charming. The waiters of Kalabalık Meyhane are very interested in the customers.

All of the customers are very important and valuable for the Kalabalık Meyhane. For this reason, all customers’ requests are fulfilled as quickly as possible. From the day the business was established, customer satisfaction is maintained on the front line and customer satisfaction policy is applied.

Turkish meals, mezes, seafood dishes, soups, European and Mediterranean cuisine are prepared from the hands of master chefs in Meyhane. All is in reasonable price range. All kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages you prefer are available.