Marmaris Kalimera Restaurant, which is the most charming and showy place of Marmaris, has been designed in a remarkable way. As this line has been preserved for a long time, the flavor of the food has been on the same line for years. The fact that business owners are friendly and friendly, employees are closely related, fast service has increased the quality of their services.

There are baby chairs for families with children. It is an ideal place for crowded groups, family gatherings, friends meetings. Rakı fish are accompanied by wonderful sea view to those who enjoy.

Marmaris Kalimera Restaurant

What’s in Marmaris Kalimera Restaurant?

Thanks to its close proximity to the seaside, you can enjoy magnificent scenery in all your meals. Turkish cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine and seafood dishes are prepared by master chefs in Marmaris Kalimera Restaurant. Every meal is made from fresh vegetables and fruits every day.

Varieties include octopus stew, garlic shrimp stew, shrimp, squid, swordfish, fish soup and much more. In addition to seafood, there are also meatballs and chicken grill options.

All meals you eat at Marmaris Kalimera Restaurant are affordable and quality. Live music service is offered on certain days. Thanks to its different ambiance, it is among the most stylish and pleasant places of Marmaris.