Marmaris Karadeniz Balık Evi Restaurant (Black Sea Fish House) is a fish restaurant that makes seafood overly beautiful. Situated on the seafront, it offers guests the pleasure of eating fish and other seafood in a unique view.

No doubt, home meals are better than ready meals. Marmaris Karadeniz Balık Evi, which is aware of this, also presents the home meals belonging to the Black Sea region to its customers.

Karadeniz Balık Evi Restaurant

Why should we go to the Marmaris Karadeniz Balık Evi Restaurant?

Here you can feel yourself in a different place with its home-giving atmosphere and design and atmosphere reminiscent of the Black Sea. Vegetables and seafood of the dishes made in the Karadeniz Balık Evi cuisine are taken fresh daily. All kinds of fish, meat, chicken dishes are found in Karadeniz Balık Evi. A wide variety of appetizers, delicacie are among the most popular. Some special regional dishes such as mıhlama also will be your favorite dishes.

The authentic air of the Marmaris Karadeniz Balık Evi restaurant, while waiting for orders to customers, the refreshments given to the customer shows the value given. Moreover, all Karadeniz Balık Evi dishes are reasonably priced. Because it is the principle of business owners to earn customer satisfaction with reasonable price and quality service. It is possible to encounter all kinds of specialties such as music, clothes belonging to the Black Sea region.