It is rare to find good quality and educated restaurant staff in a tourist city like Marmaris. But you can find all these features that are sought after in Marmaris Kırçiçeği Restaurant. Marmaris Kırçiçeği Restaurant has over 30 years of experience and heritage. Thanks to years of experience, a growing business serves the same quality and principle.

What is in Marmaris Kırçiçeği Restaurant?

All staff that working in the restaurant have a team spirit. There are breakfast menus that start the day with healthy, energetic and pampering flavors. Turkish cuisine is prepared from soup varieties, pide, lahmacun and kebab and döner varieties, salad and appetizer varieties, dessert varieties from masters and chefs’ hands.

Speedy service to the customers coming to the restaurant, gentle reception, attention to detail as well as the attentive and respectful approach shown to the guests are important spiritual values ​​in the restaurant.

Also, the meat used in the Kırçiçeği restaurants is halal meat cut from their own beef in their own butchers. Long years of experience, customer satisfaction by doing everything best to increase the happiness of everyone has become the principle.

Each dishes is open to innovative ideas. Kırçiçeği are kept open 24 hours a day. Business meetings, crowded group invitations, suitable for children’s family meals. With a takeaway service, when you want, Marmaris Kırçiçeği Restaurant will deliver your meal to your desired location.