Marmaris O’Yes Restaurant opened as a family business in Marmaris yacht harbor in 1991 and is among the best restaurants of Marmaris from the first day. The only difference is that in 2010, new business owners of Marmaris O’Yes Restaurant designed the restaurant on a line that was more suited and more satisfying.

In addition to special menus for adults, small guests are not forgotten in their meals. Marmaris O’yes Restaurant makes children’s menus and small guests happy.

Marmaris O’Yes Restaurant

What’s in Marmaris O’yes Restaurant?

Marmaris O’yes Restaurant, which is a real steak restaurant, also offers a wide range of seafood dishes, Turkish Cuisine, European Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine and Mediterranean Cuisine. All meals are worth staying in.

The business quality doubles with all the employees being friendly, the business owners being friendly and approaching to the customers, the satisfaction that they are interested. O’yes restaurant is one of the places that should not be missed when it comes to Marmaris.

If you reserve your place with the reservation system in extreme intensity, you will not have a waiting problem. It is an ideal place for lunch, breakfast, brunch and dinner. Moreover, it is worth seeing the nightly entertainment that starts later in the night. There is also a lot of drinks to accompany your fun. The open and closed area also allows you to see the sea view from different angles.