Marmaris Taj Mahal Restaurant is an ideal choice for those who want to get memorable memories and experiences in Marmaris. All customers who try Indian cuisine from different cultures leave the restaurant as happy and glad.

With the normal menu and set menu option, it gives its guests the opportunity to taste all their dishes. The quiet and peaceful place have open and closed areas. It is suitable for crowded group dinners, special invitational dinners and family dinners.

What’s in Marmaris Taj Mahal Restaurant ?

The characteristic of  Indian meals is that it is more spicy than normal. The flavor of these spices gives an unforgettable taste to everyone who eats. However, if you do not like spices, of course we do not recommend. There are more suitable places for you in Marmaris. You can take a look at the articles of other Marmaris locations.

The prices of the meals in the Marmaris Taj Mahal Restaurant, which are provided with quality service with friendly employees, are also within reasonable ranges. In addition to the Indian cuisine, there are also Balti Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, European Cuisine, Vegan and Vegetarian friendly meals.

You can book your lunch and dinner meals in advance by booking in advance to eat in this decent place. Taj Mahal is one of Marmaris’s favorite places with its parking lot on the street, table with open underground, free wifi service, baby chair for families and easy access for disabled guests to the restaurant.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage options that you would like to accompany with Indian cuisine add color to your meal. Customers will enjoy with spicy and delicious food.