Marmaris Yalı Cafe, which is about a 15-20 minute walk to the center of Marmaris, serves both beach and cafe. You can stay on the beach without paying sun beds, umbrellas or entrance fee during the day. You pay only what you have eaten and drink during the day, and there is no limit to it. The prices are quite reasonable, you can think of all kinds of food and drink that comes to your mind. Marmaris Yalı Cafe also serves as a restaurant and beach. If you want to have lunch you can take it under the umbrella on the beach or you can go to the restaurant part and eat it in there. The employees of the cafe are very friendly. When you want to order anything, you can easily find someone to serve. Burger menus and fries are enjoyed by all customers. There is also a wide range of products for breakfast in the morning. They are very good at Turkish and English breakfasts. For a quiet and delicious breakfast with a sea view, you can choose Marmaris Yalı Cafe.