The Best Bays of Marmaris

No doubt, Marmaris is one of the places that comes to mind first in Turkey for summer vacation. Because, Marmaris offers its guests the opportunity to see many shades of green and blue. Whether you want to go crazy or have a quiet holiday. There’s something here for everyone. Of course, it is not possible to leave Marmaris without seeing the world famous bays of Marmaris. In this article, we would like to give you information about the bays of Marmaris. You will also go ahead with a preliminary knowledge before you go, knowing how you will encounter beauty. If you’re ready let’s start.

The Bays of Marmaris

Amos Bay

Amos bay, perhaps one of the most beautiful bay of Marmaris. You will be in a clear and splendid blue water and hundreds of olive trees in various green tones. You can also visit Amos Ancient City after a little swim at the sea and sunbath on the beach. Amos Ancient City built on one of the hills around the bay. The view from here, is quite impressive. A great place to see sunset, if you have time.

Kumlubük Bay

If you think that you spent enough time in Amos Bay and you want to see one more beautiful bay, Let’s go to Kumlubük Bay. This magnificent bay is located just near Amos Bay. It has a very long beach. If you want to get rid of stress a bit, be relaxed or have some fun, you should definitely go.

Selimiye Bay

The Selimiye Village, which is named after Selim II, the son of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent, has an extraordinary bay. Firts, you can spend time in the village and have a nice meal and afterwards you can go out to explore the Bays of Selimiye Marmaris.

This place, which is a small fishing village until 15 years ago. But in recent years has become a tourist attraction. But still, there are no big hotels, no overcrowded groups. It’s a place where people look for calmness. You are from this group, Selimiye Bay is waiting to be discovered.

Orhaniye Bay

Before going to Selimiye via Marmaris, you will see the sign of Orhaniye Village. Turn in that direction without thinking. First, eat a nice octopus salad here. Then go to the world famous Kiz Kumu beach. The two sides are deep sea, a wonderful sandy beach in the middle. You feel like walking in the middle of the sea. After, beautiful photos have been taken here, go to Orhaniye Bay for a little discovery. Have a little swim in the turquoise sea. Enjoy the moment. You will miss a lot when the holiday is over.

Aquarium Bay

Aquarium Bay is a bay like an aquarium. That is why it is called like this. After spending time here, you will not be able to finish praise with your friends, you will be promised to come back. We are telling you.

We gave brief information about the bays of Marmaris. We hope, you will have the chance to see all of them. If you came to Marmaris, but have limited time, we recommend you to take a look at our Marmaris Boat Tour. You can also get updated information about tour prices.



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